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  • It’s just another morning in 2050.

  • Mario, your buddy bio-bot, comes over to wake you up:

  • Time for school, Elmer.

  • Don’t forget to hand in your final report.

  • Remember, it’s your fifth year in high school.”

  • What a nice buddy Mario is!

  • With a word of thanks to Mario, you hurry to the bathroom.

  • Morning, Elmer,” says the wireless magic mirror.

  • You look good as usual.

  • But be careful about your BMI.

  • Youre about to become overweight.”

  • A bunch of icons appear on the wall.

  • A bunch of icons appear on the wall.

  • At once a flash of light flies across to you and your body fat changes into electricity for heating the water.

  • Now, you can enjoy a nice hot shower,

  • quite sure that you have just reduced your BMI.

  • On the other side of the house, the mobile table in the kitchen detects your hunger.

  • It starts the toaster and makes your scrambled eggs the way you like them.

  • Critical Thinking

  • What do you think will happen if machines are made smarter and smarter?

  • Will they one day replace human beings, as some people worry?

  • Why or why not?

It’s just another morning in 2050.

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