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-(server) Ma'am-- -(customer) Don't tell me [bleep]!
(customer) Unless you're speaking McNuggets in my hand--
(server) I need you to calm down!
(server) It's 10:30 AM, we don't serve Chicken McNuggets at this time.
(customer) Yes, you do!
-This is already intense. -(server) No, we don't!
-(customer) You know what? (hisses) -(Olga gasps)
-(server) Did you just hiss at me? -Oh, she did not just hiss at her!
(server) Get your skinny ass out of this car.
I think she should just find a way to get her the nuggets.
(customer) Don't you [bleep]ing run away from me, you fat meat bag.
I will end you.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
(customer) Don't make me assume my ultimate form--
(breaks into laughter) My ultimate form...
(gasp) This is so bad!
What the hell?!
(customer) I'm gonna tear your scrawny head off--
Yes, I love this!
If this happened to me whilst I was working there,
well, I'd just go BANG and just smack her right out.
-(manager) Close that [bleep]. -(customer shrieks)
What the [bleep]?!
Throw a milkshake at her face!
Grab the little fingers!
(customer shrieking)... I'm going to digest it!
I shouldn't be smiling. This is actually a really bad thing.
-(customer) [bleep]ing God damn it! -(manager) Oh my God!
(customer) I want my [bleep]ing nuggets!
(manager) What the [bleep] is this bitch on?
This reminds me of World War Z.
Is that blood?
-(manager) Holy [bleep]. -I'll go super saiyan on your ass.
I'll go super saiyan on your ass!
Oh, she likes Anime. That's comforting.
She just had a really bad day. She's on-She's on her period, guys.
Give her a break.
You know what, though? She's probably really wild in the sack.
(manager) Alright, we need to call the police.
They haven't called the police already?!
Oh my God!
(customer shrieks) I will [bleep]ing kill you!
-What a bitch. -(tires squeal as car takes off)
Did she get the chicken nuggets?
That's me, like, behind her, like, "So...can I get my order?"
Where's my goddamn nuggets?!
Americans. Sorry guys, but, you guys are crazy.
(Finebros) So break down what happened in this video.
Someone got really hungry.
A woman appears to pull up to a window...
wherein she had ordered Chicken McNuggets?
And they weren't available, so she went through the different ways
that she thought she might be able to get them.
I think she went to force first as a tactic.
Chicken McNugget lady goes "super saiyan"...
and just tiger uppercuts through the glass.
Well, whenever you thought things were going to stop going downhill,
they just kept going.
Well that her fault for not knowing that though.
Everyone knows you don't get Chicken McNuggets in the morning.
You get the Sausage Egg McMuffin. Like, duh!
(Finebros) What were some of the things that she was saying?
"Bitch, I want my nuggets!" Or something like that.
It was all stars, so I'm assuming just swearing upon swearing.
"I want my [bleep]ing nuggets!"
I know there's lots of [bleep] and cursing.
I believe she referenced going "super saiyan".
She seemed to be determined to go "super saiyan" at some point...
which...I frankly gotta give her props for.
"Don't make me assume my ultimate form."
Usually, like, ultimate form in video games is like...
..you're a floating head with gigantic hands that float around on the screen,
so I'm assuming that's what she would be.
(Finebros) Why would someone get this angry over not having a menu item?
I think it's because of the Meth addiction.
I think she must've been high.
And she had the munchies!
Some people, they just want that one thing...
and I think, for her, it's probably Chicken McNuggets.
Like, that's her thing.
Like, she has to have it, and if she doesn't have it, she's going to go crazy.
You serious? Are you actually serious?
It's all about the chicken nuggets. If you're hung over...
or you're drunk and you want food and they're not performing
like they should be... [bleep] gonna hit the fan!
I have been angry before.
And this isn't even, like, for Epic Meal Time. This is just personal.
Epic Meal Time--I'm used to it. I'm like, "Do you have 5,000 nuggets?"
and they're like, "No." I'm like, of course you don't.
I've rolled up to the drive thru and I'm like,
"Uh, can I get a McFlurry please?"
And they're like, "Oh, we don't have ice cream."
And I'm like...(sharp sigh). Really? Then I drive away.
That's my ultimate form.
(Finebros) So let's take a step back here.
(Finebros) Do you think this one was real or fake?
I think it's fake.
(sighs) If you guys are gonna tell me that this is fake I will be shocked.
I'll go and hire all of these people.
It's definitely real.
I think it was real.
Because she, like, really pulled on that woman's hair.
I do think it's real, but I can see how it could be staged.
But for what benefit? McDonalds?
Do you think McDonalds is trying to get in the viral games?
I guess the hidden message is, like,
"Our nuggets are so good you'll go crazy if you don't get them!"
If they were doing that for a viral campaign for McDonalds
to get chicken nuggets more popular? Jesus. What is going on with the world?
I don't think you need a viral campaign for McNuggets, God damn it.
(Finebros) Well, the video footage is real. But the audio is fake.
No! No!
Oh! Nice!
Nice! Nice!
Okay, so then it is kind of real in a sense.
Like, they just kind of mimicked what was thought to be said?
(scoffs) I feel betrayed.
I hate the internet because it's a place of lies.
So she's never said she's going to assume her ultimate form?
-(Finebros) Nope! -I need to know what she really said.
(Finebros) The story, fully, is more than two years ago,
that silent footage came out and went viral on YouTube.
(Finebros) It had a few million views of just the surveillance footage.
(Finebros) But the video was old. Even the audio dub is years old.
(Finebros) But it only went viral recently when someone re-uploaded it
and people thought it was new and even news reporters reported on it
as if it just happened, even though it was old.
(Finebros) What do you think about the fact that this got repurposed...
..and that it tricked all these people and even news reports were reporting it...
..like it was completely real, when the audio is fake and it's an old video.
That's pretty amazing. Well, I think that goes to the creator's credits
of how well they overdubbed the audio.
Whoever made that video must be laughing their butts off.
Like, "Whahaha, I tricked everyone!"
I don't know how we forgot about it.
That scares me about how relevant I'm going to be in two years.
Something like that and then something like the Jimmey Kimmel twerking thing...
next time something is viral, I will be like, "This is masterminded."
When enough people believe something, it hits a tipping point...
and it just becomes this very accepting truth.
So everyone just kind of goes along for the ride.
Um...no one wants to think for themselves.
(Finebros) Why do you think that the journalists and news reporters
are so bad when it comes to reporting about anything on the internet?
They don't do any research.
There is no research. It's done. Someone presented it. It's the internet.
And then if something ever does go wrong, it's like,
"Oh! Whatever. It's just an internet video."
Who cares if we're wrong about it.
That's lazy reporting on their part and they should be penalized.
They are in such a high-pressure job that they just have to generate headlines.
As soon as they see an opportunity to get some more, like, viewership,
they'll just pounce on it and they don't really take the time to...
um...actually research about it and they don't really think it matters.
But, to me, it matters.
(Finebros) How would you describe how traditional media
even reports on what being a YouTube star is?
Oh, they don't have a clue.
I think that traditional media, likes to report on being a YouTube star...
..by constantly acting surprised that there's success.
Headlikes like, "Believe it or not: They make some money."
You just need to upload videos to the internet and you make a living.
It's like, "Yeah, but it's not--it's not easy."
People always ask, "Okay. When are you going to do real things?"
Like...real television and real TV.
YouTube content and its future success impedes on their business...
and it's a scary thing.
And that's why you have that Good Morning America interview
with Jenna Marbles, which was absolutely ridiculous.
If your livelihood depends on your ecosystem surviving,
why would you want to support your rival?
We'e a joke! Uh...we're kids that play around with cameras
and we don't know what we're doing. We're just so lucky!
We go viral because we have no clue how the internet works!
There's so many layers. I don't even know I want to go there.
[bleep] them.
(Finebros) Would you say that we're in a culture
that you have to question everything that you hear and see
because of how easy it is to make things seem real now?
I've definitely got trust issues now because of the incident.
Ever since, uh, MySpace photos, MySpace angled photos,
the way people look in some of their display pictures...
you question everything.
If you have my personality, I just want to be entertained!
So I'm not going to question anything!
I'm sorry, I'm not going to have this debate with you, Benny.
I think that, right now, what we can't trust are news anchors.
Because, frankly, Reddit probably called it that that was fake.
And put it up there.
So what? Re-viral? Fine. That's not a crime.
What's a crime is talking about it like it's new.
I think we live in a society where there's so much content floating around
that we can't keep track of everything.
And people are very-- their attention span is very short.
Sometimes they even forget that they saw something
because we are consuming so much content. We're consuming more than we can make.
(Finebros) So finally, now, you know the whole story.
(Finebros) How do you feel about this video?
(sighs) I feel like I-I once had a heart and it was ripped away from me.
I just want to know whether or not she was ordering chicken nuggets.
I feel deceived and I actually like it. I really like it.
I still think it's hilarious. I would share it,
just to see my friend's reaction and be like,
"Oh, it's fake. It's totally fake."
I think that we all need to just enjoy it for what it is: a really funny video.
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Alright, guys. I gotta go...to McDonalds to get some Chicken McNuggets.
And if I can't get any? Pssh-Pssh! Give me my Chicken McNuggets!
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YouTubers React To McNugget Rampage

1331 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on December 8, 2014
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