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  • You can have her. l go away. l'm gonna disappear.

  • You'll never see me again. Please, Tony, l don't want to die.

  • l never did nothing to nobody.

  • No, no, you never did nothing to nobody.

  • You had somebody else do it foryou. Tony, l am begging you--

  • Get up! Get up now! Jesus! No! God! [ Sobbing ]

  • [ Sobbing Continues ]

  • Look. Tony, no, don't kill me, please.

  • [ frank Moans ] l won't kill you.

  • Oh, Christ, thankyou. Get offmy foot.

  • Thankyou. Thankyou.

  • No! No! No!

  • Oh!

  • [ Sighs ]

  • Evey dog has his day, huh, Mel?

  • l told him...

  • it didn't make any sense, clipping you when we had you working for us.

  • He wouldn't listen.

  • He got hot tonight, about the broad, you know?

  • He fucked up.

  • You too, Mel. You fucked up.

  • Don't go too far, Tony.

  • [ Sighs ] l'm not, Mel. You are.

  • [ Groaning, Gasps ]

  • Fuck. You can't shoot a cop!

  • Whoever says you was one?

  • Wait a minute!

  • You let me go. l'll fix this up.

  • Sure, Mel.

  • Maybeyou can hand yourself...

  • one ofthem first-class tickets to the Resurrection.

  • Fuckin' punk! Son ofa bitch!

  • - So long, Mel. Have a good trip. - Fuckyou!

  • Okay, come on. What about Ernie?

  • You want ajob, Ernie?

  • - Sure, Tony. - Okay, then you call me tomorrow.

  • Hey, man, you got ajob! [ Chuckles ]

  • Hey, Tony! Thanks.

  • [ Chi Chi Chuckling ]

You can have her. l go away. l'm gonna disappear.

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