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  • ANNOUNCER: THIS is Capitol TV.

  • JUSTINE: Greetings citizens of Panem and welcome to District 6

  • My name is Justine Ezarik and I'm a district liaison to the Capitol.

  • As a part of the transportation hub for our nation, we build everything from hovercrafts

  • to high speed trainsto tactical vehicles for our noble Peacekeepers.

  • Today, I have the privilege of showing you the capabilities

  • of one of these high-powered machines.

  • To tell us more, I'm joined by Master Engineer, Garrick.

  • GARRICK: Thank you. It's an honor to serve the Capitol.

  • The SJ7 Peacekeeper Assault Transport is a state-of-the-art military vehicle

  • capable of deploying assets to any hostile environment.

  • JUSTINE: Well it's certainly impressive. Tell us more.

  • GARRICK: The SJ7's advanced suspension can handle

  • any terrain with ease.

  • The powertrain outputs 827 brake horsepower from a liquid-cooled Grantham 12 engine.

  • The windows are equipped with 70 millimeter bulletproof glass.

  • The armor can withstand high caliber small arms fire, shrapnel, and explosives up to

  • a K5 rating.

  • The V-hull design protects passengers even if a detonation occurs

  • directly beneath the vehicle.

  • But I suggest we climb aboard, and experience the vehicle firsthand.

  • JUSTINE: Thank you for your attention, citizens.

  • We hope you've enjoyed watching one of the many ways District 6 great

  • contributes to our great nation.

  • Love your labor, take pride in your task. Our future is in your hands.

  • And don't forget to register for updates from Capitol's mandatory.


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