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  • Because you're never going to see that again, all right?

  • Oh, come on. Take it off.

  • No freakin' what do you say, way. Hart?

  • Come on, sparky. Why not?

  • Because I'm not going to parade around in a swimsuit

  • Like some airhead bimbo that goes by the name of what?

  • Gracie lou freebush. And all she wants is world peace.

  • It wouldn't be like that.

  • Come on. You'd be an important member

  • Of the undercover team.

  • Yeah, right. In a thong.

  • Hey!

  • In a tasteful one piece.

  • Come on. Look, you do a few butt-shaping exercises,

  • You tighten this up, you could pull this off.

  • You know what? Pull this off.

  • What, is it because mcdonald hates me?

  • He doesn't hate you.

  • What, is it, like, a woman thing?

  • Aah!

  • Don't kid yourself.

  • Nobody thinks of you that way.

  • Ohh!

  • Agent: Ahh! She's got him, man.

  • Ahh!

  • He's punishing me, isn't he?

  • Listen, I had to beg him to let you do this.

  • What? Yeah, that's right.

  • Like it or not, you screwed up, pal.

  • Sit down, sit down, sit down.

  • Unh!

  • Agent: Whoo!

  • This may come as a shock to you,

  • But I've never been in a beauty pageant before.

  • I don't even own a dress.

  • I don't even own a brush.

  • Ow! Jesus! Ohh!

  • Yaah!

  • Which part of that is supposed to shock me?

  • Aah!

  • [both straining]

  • Agent: Man, you got her.

  • Oh, jesus.

  • Agent: 2 minutes.

  • All right. Let's suspend reality

  • For, like, a second

  • And pretend like I said yes.

  • I've got to do, like, everything?

  • Like the whole-- the whole big hair

  • And the makeup and--

  • Damn right.

  • The spinning, the twirling,

  • The smiling, the cute little tap number.

  • Ahh!

  • All right, a hundred bucks on matthews.

  • I don't know, man. She's got a lot of rage.

  • Aah!

  • I'll take that bet. Ooh.

  • [chokes]

  • Uhh!

  • Uhh!

  • [agents cheer]

  • That's right, baby.

  • That's right. Yeah!

  • Yeah, baby.

  • So, you're saying

Because you're never going to see that again, all right?

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Miss Congeniality (1/5) Movie CLIP - Gracie's New Assignment (2000) HD

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