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- What are you going to do with it?
I'm going to give it something socially responsible to do.
can't you just let it go?
This thing needs to learn how to adapt, Murph.
Okay, let's mask up.
Like the rest of us....
This world's a treasure, but it's been telling us to leave for awhile now.
Your daughter's generation will be the last to survive on Earth.
You're the best pilot we ever had.
Get out there and save the world.
- Everybody ready to say goodbye to our solar system? - To our galaxy...
Here we go.
We're here.
We wanna get down fast, don't we?
Actually we want to get there in one piece.
Hang on.
We have a mission.
Our mission does not work if the people on Earth are dead by the time we pull it off.
Well we got this far, further than any human in history.
Well not far enough!
Make it count!
There's the mountains!
Those aren't mountains...
They're waves...
I'm not gonna make it!
yes you are, yes you are
You might have to decide
between seeing your children again
and the future of the human race
We'll find a way...
We always have.
I'm telling you he should have taken his kids with him!
and for all you say you can't put kids in the spaceship
I think it's fine considering the earth is apparently falling apart right
I'd be like alright Michael Caine I'll go but I need a couple a junior
that's what I would say this is not looking much
much better I think it's a very good trailer I think with cells are two
Matakana his performance actually you know I thought I'd
you know I got as much as an actor coneheads I could I was like
getting pretty 10 conde I might be tired of hearing it
but I think that that is purely not the case because this week sounds in Conde
are still pretty and chanting I like a lot of the way he delivers the lines
and I think he's well utilize is this you know pile here
I like it a lot I N has the trademark what's becoming the
in a trademark on hey you know philosophizing worries that we get
weekend let this drone girl it's got adapted unlike
you talking about like a machine right you can't let it go its gonna sit there
or whatever it's got to be used its doesn't have any
a motion so well speak your machines that moving have emotions
what's that like metal thing that's made it a Django pieces that's walking
alongside them
we've seen in other trailers just spinning in the water I thought it was
attacking them
repair leads working want them that really captured by
imagination a high-quality stash and it's all good thing that's all it
you know I guess what ok two-and-a-half 60 Matakana K
agenda peace thing and then the cinematography
it's just stunning I mean this is you know I morning movie news today i'm
talking about. Christopher Nolan's fight to keep home alive
and no matter what camera he's using his utilizing it well
and I something I really appreciate but inherent vice trailer
after Paul Thomas Anderson this week I also it's great to see filmmakers
making an effort with their their brain I think that
I wish all filmmakers understood the importance I
making these things seem very soon filmic having great cinematography
making the effort to make I mean there's no reason every friend should be
Sony good friend put on your wall I think that that extra
effort always I makes a difference to both your audience and then
your bottle
why the only problem I have two trailer I have to say
and I it annoys me to say as much as I'm sure it's going to be awesome if you
hear it
but I'm sick and tired women in a group being difficult
I I had a big problem this is Sandra Bullock's character gravity is you
of course I'm sure many if you recall but then and happily like I don't like
you so much as Catwoman
me feel like a year maybe she has a reason to be set to tell but
she's just has such a great attitude and my economy seems to be such a nice guy
in trying so hard cash
and I'm like we're gonna be in the ship for a long time and have to wake you
just try and put a happy face on
I just don't like that winner least betrayed that man whenever there's a
group of guys there's one woman in there
she'd never can get along with the group 1806 on the same thing in zero dark
with Jessica Chastain's character I it's just really frustrating
or she goes the way it Joico Donna and Star Trek just kinda becomes a
background character
I would just love to see 0 female characters not a love interest
who just isn't me a part of the group on the same level as everyone else doesn't
have to be like
%ah women you and your group they change the whole dynamic know what we should
date just
you know it's frustrating I think it doesn't do any favors to women out there
who were trying to being group in real life
when everyone's like %uh do we want a woman a group will I don't know remember
how knowing you have to wear was
and I interstellar I don't want that all the time and it pains me last time I
brought this up
someone actually wrote women can't get along in a group and I'm like
I don't know how to women who can't so I'm sorry that you met one of the few
who can't best
that's hopefully the remnants of a bygone era I hope for movie into a place
into the future where everyone to get along and
you know women are consistently difficult to deal with so that's my
review the interstellar trailer
I hope this is the last one comes out November 7th very excited to see it
that'd be great maybe we can figure 6 an interstellar
and I think this is finally I think perfect trailer
and you know I Christopher Nolan and my dad always love his films but
I think he never disappoints you at least make you make you think a little
and give you something beautiful to look at and to think about writes that serve
you mistress to rate your thoughts down below thank you so much for tuning in
and you can check more episodes right
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Interstellar Official Trailer 3 + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

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venny published on December 1, 2014
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