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Hey it's me Destin. When my granddad was young he lost an eye
playing cowboys and indians, so tonight I'm gonna show you why you should always wear safety glasses
or goggles when you're doing an experiment. This isn't very popular
because I've been hiding something pretty weird inside my refrigerator for
about 5 months.
By now you've figured out that I have a wife who tolerates me and I love her very much.
One thing that she's been tolerating for the past five months is
a set of cow eyeballs that I've been keeping in the refrigerator. I'm now
probably the world renowned expert in eyeball juggling.
These cow eyeballs are to make a humorous video, and by
humorous I don't mean funny. Vitreous humor is a liquid that is inside
of your eye and when you were younger you looked up at the sky and you had that
nice monochromatic background and a real small pupil cause it was bright, and you saw these things
floating around in your eye. Those are what I call floaties. This is your eyeball.
Now you'll notice there's fluid on the inside. When you rotate your eyeball
the fluid tends to stay in the same position due to it's inertia.
So even though the floater's on the inside, in this case fish,
he doesn't move because the fluid isn't moving. That's why when you see
a floater when you're looking at the sun it's so hard to track because it moves at some erratic
pattern based on the fluid velocity, not necessarily the eyeball velocity.
We have goggles and there's no stopping us now.
So I've got a Phantom v10 high speed camera. It's setup using a technique
called the long flash technique. So here's a flash, and
I've aligned on a cow eyeball using a laser
that is put in the muzzle of the rifle. We're using this
piezzo electric transducer to trigger
a quantum composer pulse generator to trigger it at the proper time
to illuminate and give us some really cool footage.
That looks weird, but I like it.
Bullet vs cow eye... [bang]
Alright here's the bullet. You can see a little smoke trail behind it.
Urgh. That's pretty nasty. Oh that's cool.
It kind of blew up but the musculature on the outside held it together.
So what happens here, it actually hasn't exited yet, so the bullet
is inside the eyeball.
Oh man, total destruction. And so that's what happens in less than a millisecond.
This time the lens came out and you can see around the edges of it where the ciliary
body connects.
I might just pop the end off there... yeah.
I forgot to trigger the camera.
But, I did make a cool spiral galaxy out of vitreous humor.
Oh you gotta see this, the lens popped out.
If I was Bear Grylls I'd eat this. It all stayed together.
Oh look at that. Alright this thing is called the ciliary body. It's just behind the lens.
Oh man. If this doesn't burn vitreous
humor into your mind, I don't know what will.
Take away. Always wear eye protection. People will make fun of you, but be smarter than them.
So I hope you found my video humorous. Ahh see what I did there?
If you did please subscribe, and also consider
this other channel they're called the Slomoguys. They're in the UK, they do cool stuff too.
They have Phantoms and they do really neat experiments. They just talk a little funny.
But anyways I hope you're getting Smarter Every Day, and tell your friends.
We'll see you next week.
[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] captionsbyandrew.wordpress.com
Captioning in different languages welcome.Please contact Destin if you can help.
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Eyeballs vs. Bullets in SlowMo - Smarter Every Day 26

2683 Folder Collection
Furong Lai published on December 17, 2012
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