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Yellow Productions Presents!
The best night markets in and around Taipei
Taiwan. I'm Chris! I'm Topher!
And in this video we're going to be showing you some the best night markets to eat
out at
in and around Taipei. In this video we'll visit the following night markets
Best overall for food and just food Ningxia night market.
Best for seafood Keelung night market. Best
because it's the biggest Shilin night market. Best for snake
Huaxi Street night market. Best variety Raohe night market.
We will begin with the Keelung night Market. The Keelung night market while not
in Taipei it's just a short train ride from Taipei and it's one of the best
across taiwan
particularly known for its seafood they've also done quite a bit with the
signage here and there's English signs on every stall
so if you don't speak Chinese you know at least a little bit what you're getting.
To get to the Keelung night market from Taipei main station take a TRA
train to the
Keelung train station. The Keelung Night Market is a fairly sprawling market
but try to find the temple. The temple is the center of the market and some of the
best stalls are around
the temple. Something you'll see in a lot of stands here is the Ding Bian Cuo.
It's a noodle soup that has these really big noodles
shrimp and some pork in it. It's a very mild broth.
Quite tasty. Another popular item here is
Tenpura. Well not japanese Tempura but here it's actually
fish cake with some sauce on it served
in little bowl with a dainty little fork.
Kind of sweet. Kind of Savory.
Kind of Chewy
Not too fishy.
Only 35 New Taiwan dollars so pretty reasonable.
next up Shilin night market. The best market because
it's the biggest. It's the biggest in all of Taiwan. It's not a single
street in fact it's an entire neighborhood.
There is a building the one behind me called Shilin market. On the ground floor
there's shops. In the basement is a food court.
But this entire neighborhood is actually a night market.
To get to the Shilin Night Market take the MRT red line
to the Jiantan Station.
Go out exit 1.
And the Shilin Market is this area over here. Next up
Huaxi Street. One of Taipei's oldest night markets its name literally
translates to snake
alley and is most famous for its restaurants here that serve
Snake! You can even pick the one you want to eat out of the cage.
The night market at Huaxi Street is two blocks long. It has some decorative red
lanterns. And it's covered which makes it great to come to
on a rainy day. The first block of the night market in addition to the snake
vendors also has a number of souvenir shops
and massage parlors. If snake isn't really your thing, the second block of this night
market has some food vendors that sell more normal Taiwanese foods.
There's also three other night market streets in this area that have carts
selling other tasty treats. To get to the Huaxi Street night market take the
MRT blue line to the Longshan temple stop.
Once you're here you'll find a number helpful signs directing you to the night
Make sure to also check out the Longshan Temple built in 1738.
Dedicated to the Buddhist goddess mercy. The Ningxia night market is my favorite
for food. It's a narrow lane flanked on both sides by food stalls.
As well as one side having some traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants
to get to the Ningxia Night market taking the MRT Red line to the
Shuanglian stop.
When you get out exit 1 turn left walk down that street.
One of the most popular things at the Ningxia
night market is the Oyster Pancake. Also in Chinese is the
Er at sen
here you can see it has taiwanese oysters. It has vegetables, starch, egg and some sweet
You order from the Stall two doors down. They have you sit in this room
and they bring it to you when it's ready. If you don't like Oysters don't be afraid
because they also have shrimp or you can get half Shrimp half Oyster.
But even Oyster ones they don't really taste like seafood.
It's really good! You should try it out. And if you can't find that stall
good news there's a whole bunch of other vendors that also sell Oyster pancakes.
Give one of them a try. And finally Raohe Street night market
I like this night market because it has a good variety of shops
and food. It's clean, well-organized, and its compact.
600 meters on a single street. Easy to see easy to take in without being
completely exhausted and overwhelmed.
To get to the Raohe Street night market take a TRA train to the SongShan
go out the west exit turn right at Songshan street and then turn
left on Raohe
street. If you're more of a visual person just find your way outside the station
look for the big temple
turn left there's the night market under the arch. While you're here make sure to
also check out that temple
the Ciyou temple. It was established in 1753
and honors the Chinese goddess of the sea. Thanks for watching!
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videos in the description.
I've got detailed videos for each of the night markets in this video.
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[Anytime for Taiwan] Best Night Markets in Taipei Taiwan

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Frances Chen published on December 26, 2014
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