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Fuck! Fuck this test.
Could you repeat the question? Oh yes it likes some gold and road shit
The Constitution? Oh yeah, that's right. The Constitution. Are these exact questions from the test?
Yap. This is stupid.
What doesn't it do? Clearly articulates
the rights and freedoms that
US citizens have. It's a seven guidelines
for American. You can't just bs this.
In my word is to keep shit together
I don't want to insult your intelligence by telling you something like each other
you think they are in an hour
Right to love Beyonce' the first amendment that
where in the Constitution. I feel so American right now.
I don't know how I feel about that one
Questions on this test are like written by the first grader. I think it's that you will
chant USA whenever someone else starts.
Promise to fight for your right to party . To defend America?
If you're taking a tour to the White House and there's an attack on the white house
promise to defend the president
Susan B. Anthony so the first US flight
did she? Yap, she did.
She was suffragette right?
Susan B .Anthony,she is coolest so I wish
she never gave her unheated quality
Thanks Susan . Love you, miss you
I think like most Americans
we thought we had more knowledge about subject than we actually did
but we spoke passionately about the things we did not know
,which is all that counts. And that is American to me.
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Can You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

15204 Folder Collection
Sunny Hsu published on February 21, 2015    Ching Cheng Wang translated    Amber reviewed
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