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How to Live in Your Car. Whether you have to move into your car or you want to, there
are some bases you need to cover. You will need Pillows Blankets or a sleeping bag Cooler
Camp stove Voltage converter Access to restrooms Places to park overnight and hot-water bottle.
Step 1. Furnish your car with blankets (at least one made of wool, for warmth); a couple
of pillows; a cooler; a camp stove; and a voltage converter so you can power appliances
with your cigarette lighter. Consider removing the passenger and rear seats for more room.
Step 2. Know where you can park at night. Trucker areas off the interstate are usually
safe, as are hospital parking lots. Wal-Mart allows RV’s and cars to park in their lots
overnight. Never park near a school. Someone is sure to call the authorities. Step 3. Shopping
malls, supermarkets, and hospitals are good places to wash up. For a shower, go to a truck
stop and ask around for a shower coupon; truckers usually have more than they need and are happy
to give some away. A gym membership will allow you to shower regularly. Step 4. Buy gas off-hours
at stations with convenience stores. When you go to pay, ask if you can use the microwave
to nuke a meal, like a baked potato or a frozen entrée. Step 5. Stock up on foods that are
nutritious and don’t require refrigeration, such as peanut butter, beans, and cereals.
Step 6. Stay warm in winter with the help of a hot water bottle; stay cool in summer
by parking in the shade and spending the hottest part of the day -- noon to two -- in someplace
air conditioned, like the library or mall. Did you know Mad Money host Jim Cramer once
lived in his car for five months.
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How to Live in Your Car

3936 Folder Collection
mohho published on November 26, 2014
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