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*Intensifying whispers*
Why do... why do we gossip?
Good question. Um...
Uh, we gossip because we have nothing better to do. Make time pass.
Why do we gossip? I think to feel better about ourselves. And to attach ourselves to the other person that we're gossiping with.
To connect.
We want to compare our own to theirs. We wanna see that they're just as valuable as we are
That they make just as many mistakes.
Most likely because it's kinda fun and it's kind of interesting and it plays to that low part of everybody.
I think people gossip because they're focused
on what's outside of them rather than what's inside.
The ego loves drama. So the ego creates drama and focuses on dramas.
so it doesn't have to feel its own pain.
It makes people feel like better to talk about other people's damage and brokenness.
It seems inbuilt in human nature,
though there are people who don't gossip particularly.
I suppose the person who is gossiping gets a certain satisfaction
out of what they're saying even though it may be
not very pleasant or very nice. It may be harmful.
It's the one time we get to completely forget about our own flaws and just focus on other people's.
So there's a certain amount of joy in going like "You know what? You know what that
guy really needs to do if he wants to improve his life?"
and then you go through all the things that they should do and really
a lot of it you should probably do as well.
Yeah, I've heard about gossip that people have said about me. I've seen it online.
People think that I just like dress the way I do for attention.
They try to be like others but I really don't.
I was with this girl for a while and
then we broke up and people start talking about like
why we broke up. That stuff that wasn't true but because other people are
talking about it, people think it's true.
Someone I knew many, many, years ago... We were very close. I happened to come in one time
and saw a letter in the typewriter.
They painted me in a unpleasant negative way.
It just brought the friendship to a crashing halt which could never ever again be revived in the same confidence or the same closeness.
When people gossip about me, it's hurt my feelings and
I didn't want to get hurt and I don't wanna hurt other people.
Just talking about someone in no way, shape, or form helps you or helps them.
But if you talk to the person as opposed to talking about them, you actually get somewhere.
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Why Do We Gossip? | Man on the Street

72060 Folder Collection
Eating published on March 11, 2015    Jerry shiu translated    Even Lo reviewed
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