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  • Sonja Lyubomirsky: We know that people across the world want to be happier. And say that

  • it is important to be happier. But is being happy a worthwhile goal? In other words, are

  • their tangible benefits to happiness, or does it just feel good? Some people think that,

  • that happy people are more kind of selfish, hedonistic and self-centered. It really all

  • about me, me, me, right? I want to be happy.

  • Well it's a really good question. I think unequivocally, yes there are tangible benefits

  • to being happy. A couple of colleagues of mine and I, actually wrote a paper where we

  • reviewed two hundred, twenty-five (225) studies. And we found that people who are happier,

  • and people who experience more positive emotions, make more money, and are more productive at

  • work, and are more creative at work, they are better leaders and negotiators; they are

  • more likely to get married... These are longitudinal studies, so, if I measure you happiness today,

  • and then come back ten (10), twenty (20) years from now, you are more likely to get married,

  • have fulfilling marriages, to have more social support, more friends.

  • Happy people are more philanthropic, they are more generous and kind to others. They

  • give more to charity, so, it is not the case that happy people are more, sort of, self-centered;

  • you could actually argue that they are more other-centered. Happier people are better

  • "Copers," they are more resilient, and they are healthier; they have strong immune

  • systems. There is evidence they actually live longer.

  • Now of course the causal direction can both ways, right? So, marriage and good health

  • makes people happy. But, the research is now showing that it also goes the other direction.

  • Being happy leads you to have good things in your life, leads you to accrue positive

  • things. So, basically I am just arguing that the pursuit of happiness isn't just about

  • pleasure, isn't just about feeling good, or about hedonism. Being a happier person

  • can sort of, lead to a lot of other kinds of success in life. So, hopefully I have persuaded

  • you that, that happiness is important.

Sonja Lyubomirsky: We know that people across the world want to be happier. And say that

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