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So with this film, it's obviously a huge epic. What for you personally was the biggest challenge
you had to overcome?
My uh...
Well, my lack of any talent. I had to overcome that, but I got it with sleeping with the
right people, and it's always the way forward, I find. If you've got it where it counts...
How do you think I got my job?
I didn't want to say. I didn't want to presume. But we all got there the same way.
Everyone here has pretty much slept with Peter Jackson.
Yes. Yes.
That's what we're getting to.
Apart from me, yet.
Apart from you... Yeah. What time is it? You've got ages.
There's always time. You've got ages.
Well to be fair, you might like to hear this. James Nesbitt was very complimentary. He credited
you with carrying the whole film.
Well, that's very sweet of him. I mean, I wish that were true, but Pete carries it.
Pete has the shoulders of a titan. He carries all of this stuff, and I do my best but you know...
Yeah, we all just do our best. That's all.
I've heard you have quite a bit of fun. I've heard Cumberbatch is a good drunk.
Is he? Apparently.
I've not... yeah. I've not really seen Ben drunk, particularly. We didn't really cross
over on this at all, and we don't really drink much during Sherlock because there's so many
lines to learn.
I can imagine. Can you tell us something about shooting these films that surprise fans?
Uh, yes. That it was mainly fueled by cocaine, yeah. Mainly, not only, but mainly fueled
by cocaine. Not all of it was obviously. The rest of it was speed balls, but a lot of it
was just coke.
Okay, and finally with that in mind, if you had this pile of wealth behind you and it
was all yours, what would you Martin Freeman spend it on?
I already have got that. Did you see my garage? Yeah, that's mine.
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Martin Freeman at Hobbit premiere: Hilarious interview covers Benedict Cumberbatch's drinking

982 Folder Collection
green0631 published on November 22, 2014
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