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(rap music)"Brace mattic. What? What?"
"BB2, uh wad up genro? Jenny. Jenny."
"Uh....We all gonna let you know how these verbals..."
Director: Uh...And you never smoked marijuana before?
Paula: No, I've never smoked marijuana.
Director: Is there a reason why you haven't?
Paula: I was too busy raising children.
Dorothea: I was a suburban housewife and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy.
Dierdre: No I've never smoked marijuana before.
Director: It's happening. Let's bring it out and let them handle it.
Dierdre: Oh, I have nerves.
All of a sudden I have butterflies.
We don't know what to do with that....
Producer: Are you comfortable or do you want me to light it?
Paula: Okay.
Producer: And then...You would just inhale from the top...
Paula: Oh Jesus.
Producer: And it's going to drag smoke into here.
Paula: Here we go!
Paula: stand by one.
And you can gently, just stop lighting it. You can let go of the lighter.
Dierdre: Now take a breath.
Dierdre: Oh. Maybe not?
Paula: You need more.
Dorothea: I need more?
Paula: Oh you need more.
Paula: Put your whole face over that.
Paula: Yes there.
Paula: Do it like you mean it.
Paula: She meant it.
Dorothea: Now it's your turn.
Paula: It's my turn?
Dierdre: okay burning
Director: Cool well done.
Dorothea: I think it was easier than I thought.
Dorothea: and I think it's just...
Dierdre: ...except now it's burning...
Dorothea: Better to do the bong and not the cigarette, the joint.
whatever it's called
Dorothea: Yeah, I can feel some tingling in my brain. can you?
Paula: I feel like I'm smiling.
Dierdre: You've played this before.
Dorothea: I've played this before.
Paula: Oh. I didn't know you could use...all your hands.
Dorothea: No you can't.
Dierdre: Oh you can't?
Producer: Inhale through the straw.
Paula: Well, I won't tell you want was going through my mind.
Director: What was going through your mind?
Paula: I thought it was a dildo, but I've never seen anything on the end of it like this.
Paula: So it's nothing?
Producer: Yeah, it feels like nothing.
Paula: Oh...This could be dangerously fun.
Paula: No, just do it.
Dorothea: I was watching the light there.
Paula: Oh forget the light.
Dierdre: If it's green you can go.
Paula: Go!
Dorothea: All right...
Paula: That straw...You wanna swallow.
Paula: Jesus! Sweet mother!
Dorothea: She got actual smoke!
Dierdre: Okay, in the new Disney channel movie, Hannah Montana struggles with what for the first time?
Dierdre:Christopher Walken ? Or a bleached asshole?
I prefer this.
Paula: Which one?
Dierdre: The bleached asshole.
Paula: Oh, thank you.
Paula: I could go iron now
Paula: for days...
Paula: I love to iron.
Dierdre: You do?
Paula: Oh yeah!
Dorothea: You're kinda weird.
Paula: Coming to Broadway this season...blank the musical
Paula: Okay, so it's the south or...
Paula: What's queefing?
Dierdre: Querfing?
Paula: Well, there's no "R."
Dorothea: Queffing?
Paula: Queffing? Anybody know what queffing is?
Dierdre: Q-U-E-E-F-I-N-G
Dierdre: Yeah, anybody know what that is?
Dorothea: It's a very modern word.
Dierdre: Is it...Is there other terminology we probably know?
Director: We're all friends now so I'm just going to tell you.
Dierdre: Fooling around a lot!?
Paula: Oh, well then let's do that one.
Dorothea: All right!
Paula: Coming to broadway this season...
Paula: Pussy farts the musical.
Paula: When I'm...do it. I really feel like the muscles in my neck
seem not as tight
and I see a lot of benefits for it...
Dorothea: I totally lost track of what you were talking about.
Paula: I know! And then sometimes when we're up here...
we just get like so...What?
Dorothea: I'm feeling like I really don't care
...if I understand even I
I and so
The little bit of tea I think kicked it up a notch.
Dierdre and Paula in unison: You sure that was the tea?
Dorothea: okay so go ahead and tell I
Dorothea: Tell a story...and we'll...
Dierdre: I don't...I don't think I. I think I really inhaled a lot
Paula: Oh you did.
Dierdre: But I do not feel as high as they feel look to me.
Dierdre: I don't feel to me as high as they look to me.
Paula: Oh brother. Oh God write that one down.
Dorothea: It's just like being drunk isn't it?
Paual: Yeah, I'd do it again.
If I can get this bag of chips open.
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Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time (Extended Cut)

74466 Folder Collection
金柏嘉 published on November 22, 2014    Clément translated    CUChou reviewed
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