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  • What do we got?

  • That's good. Show me his partner.

  • Cars. Cars. Where are the cars?

  • Stinkin' boats. Where are the cars?

  • [Laughs]

  • I need the cars. Where are the cars at?

  • Look in the center. Look in the center. What?

  • Chi-ching! Now put your blouse back on. Hater.

  • [Cars Approaching]

  • [Roman] Shit!

  • - Don't let 'em get away. - Not a problem.

  • [Laughs] Sit on it, Fonzie!

  • - [Siren Blaring] - What the hell?

  • Aw, shit! Cops.

  • - What the hell they doin' here? - Rome, no!

  • Time to go.

  • - Son of a bitch! - [Monica] Juvie record for popping cars.

  • Two years in J.D., then another year for aiding and abetting an armed robbery.

  • He's clean. Dirty but clean.

  • Hm. All right.

What do we got?

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