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This is Joe.
Now, Joe doesn't know it, but he's about to send a text that would change his life.
And there's two ways he can do it.
He can send a "# (hashtag) X" .
That way, his girlfriend will know he's only not texting her because he's driving.
Aww... He's so responsible!
Or, he can just let her think he is ignoring her texts.
Her many, many texts...
which may affect her mood...
and her feelings towards Joe.
There's my guy!
Who is she?
When it comes time to plan their evening together...
She'll make very different choices.
Choices with very different outcomes.
But the first choice was his.
And happy, or not so happy, his girlfriend will be waiting for him.
Hi, honey, welcome home.
And it all depends on #X.
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This Is What Happens When You Ignore Your Girlfriend's Texts

587722 Folder Collection
金柏嘉 published on September 2, 2020    金柏嘉 translated    彭彥婷 reviewed
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