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Chirping Chirping
Croaking Waves crashing
“Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.” Psalm
66.5 God of Wonders
Humming Cawing
“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being
understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they
are without excuse.” Romans 1:20 In the beginning God created the heavens and
the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.
And since the dawn of creation, God´s attributes are seen
and know by all. As a building requires a builder,
creation demands a Creator. And as an outstanding design points to a gifted
designer, our amazing universe reveals the glory of
an awesome Creator. God´s wonders surround us.
And these marvels reveal much about our Creator. Through creation we glimpse His power and
wisdom, His majesty and care.
Creation is speaking to those who will listen. I´m Dr. John Whitcomb.
Join us as we explore the message of creation, conscience, and the glory of God!
God of Power Throughout creation God´s power is displayed.
From the new growth of plants in the spring, to new life forming in the womb;
Wherever we turn the Creator´s energizing power
Is unmistakable. He guides the stars in their courses above,
He formed the majestic mountains, He maintains the beneficial seasons,
And in His hand is the life of every living thing.
The fact that we have a universe tell us that we need a Creator.
Because, you see, the universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause.
The energy in the universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause.
And people say “Well, okay, fine. God made the universe, but then who made God
?” But you see, God is eternal.
God doesn´t have a beginning and therefore doesn´t require a cause.
And that may be a little hard to grasp, but there´s nothing irrational about an eternal
being. There is something irrational about something
popping into existence from nothing, ‘cause that
violates causality. “Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You
are God.” Psalm 90.2 You know, a famous evolutionist was once asked,
where did the Big Bang come from? And he said simply, “If somebody ever asked
you “where mass energy came from,
just ask them where God came from.” And I think he really said something much
more meaningful than he thought.
Something had to be eternal. Either mass energy is eternal or God is eternal.
Well, science has taught us a lot about mass energy.
One of the things is it wears out. Mass energy eternal doesn´t make any sense
at all. God is eternal, does make sense.
As we read in that first chapter of Hebrews: The heavens
The whole universe is growing old and wearing out
like a garment to be cast off but Thou, O Lord, endureth forever.
The Bible explains there´s one God who is the Creator
and the source of all life and energy. The forces of nature are energized and guided
by His hand. Who hasn’t´felt the rumble of an approaching
storm and considered God´s might?
Thunder clapping Thunder clapping
“His lightnings light the world; the earth sees and trembles.” Psalm 97.4
Thunder clapping Thunderstorms are an amazing display of the
Creator´s might. An average thunderstorm pours down
several hundred million gallons of water Equivalent to the amount of water that flows
over Niagara Falls every 6 minutes. The same storm releases 10 million kilowatt
– hours of energy – equivalent to a 20 kiliton nuclear
warhead. And large, severe thunderstorms can be 10,
of even 100 more energetic. At any given moment, hundreds of storms are
occurring somewhere aroung the world.
This amounts to about 16 million thunderstorms each year!
Thunder clapping The accompanying lightning illuminates an
entire skyline. A bolt may reach over 5 miles in length,
contain over 100 million electrical volts, and soar the temperatures approaching
50.000 degrees Fahrenheit in a split second hotter than the surface of the sun.
On average, lightning strikes the earth 100 times
every second. Several million bolts reach earth each day.
The tremendous power, the incredible speed, and the glaring flash are clear manifestations
of our Creator´s majestic power. Thunderstorms are an incredible phenomenon
in the atmosphere. They´re awesome. They´re powerful.
They´re frightening. They have all kinds of energy releases.
That´s basically what´s happening is a thunderstorm is releasing large quantities of energy in
our atmosphere By vertical motions.
Thunderstorms contribute a major amount to the water cycle.
The hydrologic cycle—water is evaporated from the oceans.
the vapor is drifted over the continents and then it falls
as rain and then flows back into the sea. Thunderstorms are a major part of that cycle,
where it converts that water vapor back into liquid water or rain and falls to the
earth. Lightning and thunderstorms in Scripture are
often used as a symbol of God´s wrath against rebellious
people. But everybody has been struck by the awesome
beauty of lightning and storm and the smell of the fresh air.
The lightning itself puts together two gases in the air—
nitrogen and hydrogen—to make fertilizer. When the lightning stroke goes through the
air, it releases the nitrogen in the vapor form
and absorbs it into the water and it falls down and fertilizes
the ground. By thunderstorms.
Four thousand years ago job pondered the Almighty´s display
with these words: “He binds up the water in His thick clouds,
yet the clouds are not broken under it. He stirs up the sea with His power,
and by His understanding He breaks up the storm.
Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him!
But the thunder of His power who can understand?” so thunderstorms and natural events
that are highly energetic. I think they are a lesson about if God can
do this, what must He be like ?
While we may not fully grasp this cumulative power,
these grand display should cause all to stand in awe of our great God.
“Lift up yours eyes on high, and see who has created these things,…by the greatness
of His might and the strength of His power; not one is missing.” Isaiah 40.26
Our sun is immense and its energy output enormous. The core of the sun is a scorching
27 million degrees Fahrenheit! Though the sun is 93 million miles from earth,
sunlight is our main source of energy. Energy leaves the sun at the ferocious rate
of 5 million tons of matter per second.
This goes on day and night, year after year. There are many examples of God´s power in
nature. The whole universe came about by His word.
Psalm 33.9 says that God spoke it was finished. He commanded and it stood fast.
As one good example, consider our nearest star, the sun
the sun gives off more energy in one second than mankind
has produced since Adam and Eve. The sun actually provides its energy by nuclear
fusion, converting hydrogen into helium on a grand
scale. And this is true of all the stars.
In our own Milky Way Galaxy, we estimate 100 billions stars.
And beyond that, in deep space, we see 100 billion more galaxies.
One cannot begin to grasp the kind of energy and power
that we´re talking about, all created by God´s Word.
The sun heats the earth and it drives all of the weather systems on the earth
tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, just plain rain clouds, winds, all of that
is driven by the energy coming from the sun.
And the energy that we have on earth is only one billionth
of the amount of energy that´s coming from the sun!
To gain perspective, with the gain, of computer animation,
Lets now travel with the earth to then sum. At one hundred times the speed of light.
From this view we begin to appreciate the manigtude
of our home star. Over one million earths would fit inside the
sun. yet our sun is an average size star
many stars in our own galaxy dwarf it. Arcturus is the forth-brightest star in the
night sky. Though 200 trillion miles away, this orange
giant is visible to the naked eye.
by moving our sun next to Arcturus we can grasp
its immensity. Arcturus is 100 times brighter with a radius
20 times greater than the sun´s.
yet even Arcturus appears small when compared with the super-giant Betelgeuse.
Betelgeuse has a radius 600 times that of our sun.
A reddish star, it shines a remarkable 60.000 times
brighter than the sun. However even Betelgeuse is not the largest
star in our galaxy. Several red super giants in the Milky Way
are even larger some with a radius 1500 times that of our
sun. One of the things in creation that I think
really exhibits God´s power, is the power released in stars.
The sun releases more energy in one second than a billion
major cities on the earth—if there were a billion—
would produce in a year And that´s just released in one second –
you can imagine that! And of course there are stars that are even
more powerful than the sun.
And just imagine all that power. All those stars, billions of stars that are
in our galaxy, Billion of stars in other galaxies,
and yet the Bible describes the creation of all that energy, all that power,
With a single phrase: “He made the stars also.”
When we consider that these ratios present only a sliver
of our Creator´s power, certainly we can agree
with the psalmist when he exhorts: “Let all the earth fear the Lord.”
Of course the stars reveal more than raw power. Without the light of the sun, all life on
earth would soon perish.
The sun´s life-giving energy provides a constant reminder
of our Creator´s steadfast love – the God who shines His gift of light on all.
“He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord, and mighty
in power; His understanding is infinite.” Psalm 147:5-5
The visible universe contains more than 100 billion galaxies.
Each of these galaxies has a diameter millions of trillions
of miles wide; and each contains hundreds of billions of stars
though incomprehensible, it is now estimated that the universe holds over a billion trillion
stars. Long before the introduction of the telescope,
scripture declared that man would be unable to determine
the exact number because there are so many. Of course the Creator knows the exact number,
and Psalm 147 declares that He even calls each star by name!
The power to create each of these stars, the wisdom to maintain their stellar courses,
and the incredible beauty displayed throughout the universe, combine to affirm
the Creator´s majesty and care. God has made the universe so vast.
All man can do is just marvel at this universe, the vastness of it.
And I say, God, You are so – You are so great!
And I think of what David said, “When I consider Your heavens,
“the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars
“that You have made, what is man “that Thou art mindful of him, or the son
of man that You should visit Him ?”
It´s estimated that there are over 100 billion stars
in our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy. It is estimated that there are over 100 billion
galaxies in the universe.
Of course the Bible tells us that as the heavens are higher
than the earth, so are God´s ways above our ways and His
thoughts above our thoughts, so chew on that for a little bit - -
Think about how big the universe is compared to the earth,
Which is just the head of a pin by comparasion. Just how big is God´s universe ?
Travelling at the speed of light - - 186.000 miles per second - -
We could circle the earth seven times in one second.
However, to travel across the know universe at the speed of light would take 28 billion
years or more! Today most astronomers acknowledge that the
universe appears to be expanding.
This also agrees with the Bible which says God
“stretches out the heavens like a curtain.” There are some examples in the Bible
of scientific foresight. One example that comes to mind in particular,
is in Isaiah 40:22 which talks about God stretching out
the heavens as a tent or as a curtain. And you might say, “Well, that is written
in a poetic way, so we´ve got to be careful.”
And yet, there are at least ten other places in the Bible where it talks about this stretching
out of the heavens.
And that is something that was only discovered in
the twentieth century when we found that, indeed,
all the galaxies appear to be, or virtually all of them appear to be moving
away from each other, as if the entire universe is being,
lo and behold, stretched out and expanded, just like the Bible says.
That´s obviously not something that people could have observed
in ancient times. That´s something that had to have been revealed
to them from above.
Unimaginably large, containing spectacular galaxies
and stunning nebulae, truly: “The heavens declare
the glory of God.” It´s not just the visible forces of nature
or our immense universe that reveals God´s might.
It turns out that there is tremendous energy present
in all matter - - even the tiny atom. Let´s explore one more example of the Creator´s
infinite power. “Consider the wondrous works of God” Job
37:14 In the last century scientists have uncovered
the vast energy present in all matter.
The now well-know relation E=mc Squared states that
the potential energy of any matter is equal to its mass
times the speed of light squared. One of the great discoveries of the twentieth
century was the discovery E = mc Squared, that little
equation that most people have heard of
but maybe they don´t know what it means. What it really means is that energy has mass.
That doesn´t mean that energy can be exchanged for mass,
but rather, energy actually possesses mass. Energy weighs something, if you could put
it on a scale. Even light.
Even the light that is coming from this room, if I could put it on a scale, it would weigh
just a little bit. In the past century, scientists have explored
the concept of nuclear energy. It involves the formula E = mc Squared
made famous by Albert Einstein. In this formula, the “m” stands for mass
or matter, and “c” is the speed of light.
What the expression says is that it is possible to take matter
or mass and convert it entirely into energy. You take a mass and you annihilate it and
off comes light and sound and power and energy
and that also means that if we could take just a little bit
of mass and harness the energy from it, we could do some really incredible things.
You see that equation, the “c” in that equation,
E = mc Squared, “c” is the speed of light, which of course
is quite large. And c squared, the speed of light times itself,
that´s very, very large. So that tells us that even the tiniest amount
of mass has an enormous amount of energy associated
with it. To appreciate the tremendous energy within
any mass, consider that nuclear reactors convert only
a tiny fraction of the total mass of their fuel to energy.
If, however we were able to convert all the mass to energy,
the resultant output would be enormous. For example, if the mass of an average size
tree could be converted into energy, the power yield would
be 45 trillion kilowatt-hours.
By way of comparasion, the US generates about 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electrical energy
per year. So if just a single tree´s mass was converted
into energy, and that energy harnessed, it would provide
the entire United States with over 10 years of electrical
energy! Or to illustrate further, the potential energy
within a single grain of salt could power an entire household
for several months. Though scientists have much to learn about
energy, mass, and what holds matter together, they have
discovered that the energy residing in all matter
is incomprehensibly vast. Scripture explains that it is the Lord Himself
who is “upholding all things by the word of His power.”
This includes every atom, every cell, every star,
and the entire universe! It is now undeniable that the Almighty has
created a universe with unlimited energy
There had to be someone – not something, because things wear out, the Second Law of
Thermodynamics. There had to be someone without beginning
or end, who had the power and the knowledge, the wisdom,
the incredible infinite intelligence to put all this together: from the atom,
the organization of the atom, to the cosmos and so forth.
When we look at the many examples of God´s power,
it should invoke a sense of reverence and awe in our hearts.
The Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning
of wisdom. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.
The fear of the Lord leads to life. Therefore, the proper response to God´s authority
is to worship Him and seek His mercy and forgiveness for
our sins. The prophet Jeremiah declared: “Ah, Lord
God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the
earth by Your great power and outstretched arm.
There is nothing too hard for You.” Surely creation reveals God´s omnipotence,
but there is much more. Though the universe is married by the curse,
the Creator´s wisdom, beauty and love are still evident.
Wherever we turn, the Lord wisdom is conspicuous. Study the properties of water.
This elegant molecule is indispensable to life, so our
generous God covered four fifths of the earth´s surface with it
in streams, lakes, and seas. Water is perfectly designed to support the
life of every cell and creature.
It´s an excellent solvent, coolant, and transporter. Or examine the insect world.
Each of these amazing creatures is endowed with ingenious
abilities that far surpass anything manmade. From elegant to complex the Creator´s works
declare His wisdom.
Thousands of years ago, God asked Job, “Have you entered the treasury of snow?”
Now no man living at that time could have known fully about the treasures of the snow.
But with the advent of the microscope, these elaborate crystals can now be wholly
appreciated. These are actual snow crystals that have reached
earth intact. Snow crystals form in the clouds where water
vapor condenses. And crystallizes into ice.
As the crystals grow these remarkable patterns emerge.
Complex, symmetrical, and beautiful, they are breath taking to behold.
In contrast, manmade snow has none of the elaborate structure
found in snow crystals. Snow crystals are made out of amazing water
molecules. Each oxygen atom has a little bit of negative
charge, and it holds onto two hydrogen atoms that
have a little positive charge, and it holds them
104 and a half degress apart. When you reach the freezing point,
suddenly they reach a point where the electrical attraction
of plus and minus charges, can pull them together. That’s the energy source.
And then that shape God gave the water molecules, they line up to form those beautiful crystals,
each one unique, each one a reflection of God´s creativity.
Every day trillions of God´s transparent treasures fall
to earth for our discovery and joy - - and yet no two are exactly alike.
I believe that God built this hexagonal shape into
the individual water molecule, because of the way they have
to fit together, they form this hexagonal shape as they add
on molecules and grow outward. Each individual ice crystal is made up of
literally millions of water molecules.
And although they fit together in a particular way
as they grow outward, the ice crystals falling down through the
cloud at different temperatures, they begin to get
different shapes. So every ice crystal is going to be slightly
different than every other one.
Each crystal is built on a hexagonal pattern and exhibits a marvelous symmetry of design.
Trully there is a treasury of snow, just as God declared 4.000 years ago.
There´s two things about ice crystals that just really excite me.
One is literally the beauty. You look at them and you see all these patterns
with these flat faces and the structure that´s there.
There´s over a hundred different basic types of ice crystals.
And just the beauty of it! And that tells me something about God.
It tells me that God loves beauty, and He loves me because
He provided this beauty to look at. So it resonates with me.
The other is the way in which the ice crystals are ordered,
the way in which the individual molecules fit togheter.
That fits a particular consistent pattern time and time again, tells me that God has
designed it. There is also a spiritual application:
as each snow crystal is distinctly patterned, so each human, each soul, is unique
and of special concern to our Lord. As God´s creative hand forms ice crystals
with loving care, so, too, He intends to form each person
to reflect His glory. Compared to the rest of creation,
snow crystals are simple, yet the Great Architect´s attention - -
even to the countless snow crystals He forms each day - -
Is a unmistakable mark of His care. God has built into, not only ice crystals,
all kinds of other molecules, all kinds of systems,
relationship and process that we don’t even begin
to fathom yet today. That´s one of the reasons I´m a scientist.
I love trying to find out how things function, how they operate, and apply mathematical equations
to them, because I feel like I am touching the face
of God, if you wish.
If simple water molecules that form ice crystals exhibit
magnificent structure, consider the design ingenuity
behind large, complex molecules such as DNA. DNA contains the blueprint for all life and
is by far the densest information storage mechanism
know in the universe.
For example, the amount of information contained in a pinhead volume of DNA would fill a stack
of books 500 times higher than from here to the moon!
The program code and design of such an incredible system
indicates a supremely intelligent Designer. The evidence, to me, that just cries out that
there´s a God, is the study of DNA.
DNA is a very powerful, massive information storage system.
In fact, DNA, that makes up our genes, actually is like books
of information that´s read by a language system.
It´s absolutely phenomenal. And scientists know today that language as
a code, only come from an intelligence, and information
only comes from information.
Nobody´s ever seen matter by itself give rise to a code.
Nobody´s ever seen matter by ifself give rise to information.
And as you look at DNA, it actually cries out,
“in the beginning God created the universe.” We all begin as a single cell the size of
a period at the end of a sentence.
How does that cell know how build a body with 100 trillion cells in it, thousands of
different kinds, and each one of them is so complex,
nano chemical machinery beyond our comprehension how it works ?
And encoded is the instruction manual, is the Manufacturer´s manual how to build
and operate every part of this incredible body made up
of 100 trillion cells. Furthermore, DNA is a three dimensional molecule
that is self-replicating. Each molecule is able to make an identical
copy quickly and efficiently.
The Lord has even programmed DNA to detect and correct
replication errors. These sophisticated capabilities far exceed
man´s means. God has created the DNA molecule in such a
way that it is self-correcting.
There are special proteins, called enzymes, that go up and down the DNA molecule looking
for and making repairs on a minute-by-minute,
second-by-second basis. God created us with a DNA code that actually
has what we call editace or editorial type enzymes.
Just as an editor reads a newspaper or a book looking
for mistakes, so God has created special enzymes that go up
and down our DNA molecule repairing the mistakes in ways that are unbelievably complex.
There are many examples in creation of things that demonstrate the biblical God.
One would be in our very DNA. Our DNA has information in it.
And there´s a whole field of scientific study called
information science, which studies how information originates, how it´s transmitted, and so
on. And one of the laws of information science
says that information never originates by itself
in matter, never spontaneously comes about.
Any time we trace the copying of information back to its source,
it always comes back to a mind. And since we have creative information in
DNA, that tells me that DNA comes from intelligence.
It´s not something that could possibly come about
through millions of years of mutations and natural selection.
That just won´t work. Yet even the DNA molecule is simple compared
to cells. All life consists of cells and each cell functions
as a miniature city. When we consider that a human body
consists of trillions of cells working together as one unit,
we should be in humble awe of our Creator´s intimate care
and perfect wisdom! Every seed is a miniature miracle.
God has programmed the tiny sequoia seed to become
the largest tree on earth - - reaching nearly 300 feet tall
and weighing many tons. God has designed the humble apple seed to
yield a bounty of delicious fruit for years to come.
And God has planned a multitude of seeds to produce spectacular
blossoms in abundance! Consider the many varieties of seeds.
As stated in Genesis, each seed always produces after its own kind.
And just as the Lord intended, the fruits and byproducts
that they bear have supplied the needed food and resources
for man and his environment. In the first chapter of Genesis, God said,
“Let the earth bring forth grass, “the herb that yields seed, and the fruit
that yields fruit “according to its kind, whose seed is in
itself “on the earth.
and it was so.” So the Creator made life with the ability
to reproduce after its kind. Plants produce seed.
This answers the question, which came first, the seed or the plant ?
Clearly, God created plant life with the seed in itself.
Seeds are masterpieces of micro miniaturization. Inside each seed is a little baby,
a little embryonic plant! It´s already got leaves, a stem, and a root,
surrounded by a seed coat that protects it, and filled with all kinds of receptors
listening in to environmental signals, so it knows what temperature, what moisture
conditions, how much oxygen.
All these things have to be present before it will sprout.
And the first seeds we find as fossils look just like the seeds
that we have today. The seed is the first reproductive structure
God made on creation day 3.
And it’s the way living things, ever since, have multiplied after kind.
Today scientists have discovered what Scripture stated all along:
inside the unassuming seed is life itself. Contained within are living cells - -
tiny factories of amazing complexity. No scientists has been able to build a synthetic
seed, and no seed is simple.
Seeds are programmed to remain dormant until water
and warmth are available. Who installed this ability to monitor temperature
and humidity ? Who determined the proper time for the seed
to germinate ? Who told the root “You must go down!”
And the stem “You must head upward!”? Do you see the guiding hand of our all-loving
Creator ? In order to sprout and thrive, seeds require
the proper soil nutrients, the ideal properties found
in water, the correct frequency spectrum of light, the
right atmosphere, and the necessary pollinators.
All of these must have been in place from the beginning
in order for seeds to yield a harvest of blessings for mankind!
What a drab world it would be without flowering plants.
From unassuming seed to magnificent blossom, flowers reflect a sliver of God´s splendor.
There are a great variety of flowering plants flourishing
all over the globe - - and each with its own unique flower,
fruit and flagrance. As a blossom expands, its flagrance fills
the air. Consider that each flower always produces
its own particular perfume. Even more amazing, God uses the same elements
– soil, light, and water
to produce all these brilliant varieties. Remarkably, certain flowers are designed to
know what time it is.
California poppies, morning glories, and daylilies are three beautiful examples.
Opening and closing with clock-like precision, they are sensitive to atmospheric pressure,
length of daylight, temperature, and humidity and must therefore have built-in biorhythms.
Each leaf of a plant is also a marvel. Long before man discovered how to harness
solar power, the Creator installed miniature solar panels
in every green leaf. As the leaf expands, it is programmed to face
the sun to receive its energy. This energy powers its chemical factories.
As a result, carbon dioxide is absorved; oxygen is released;
and hydrogen is used in making sugars. How ingenious of our God to design leaves
to absorb man´s waste gas, and release the oxygen
which every creature needs for survival. Photosynthesis is also the basis for all our
food supply. Thankfully, countless numbers of God´s little
green machines perform this service every day.
Flowering plants are such a testimony to God´s provision.
Not only are they critical in terms of providing food
and medicine and various other aspects of life as we know it,
but we would simply not be able to exist without the flowering plants.
Well, that ties in with the large group of animals
called the arthropods. One of the groups of arthropods would be the
insects. Insects need the plants and plants, most assuredly,
need the insects in terms of pollination, in terms of keeping the plants fertilized
on a year-to-year basis. Genesis 2:9 tells us that God created the
green plants, pleasant to the sight and good for food.
Plants use the amazing process of photosynthesis to trap energy
from the sun to put together carbon dioxide molecules from the air,
water molecules from the soil, to make sugar molecules –
the basic building block for all of the other food groups.
Where do plants get the carbon dioxide? We breathe it out.
Animals breathe out the carbon dioxide; plants absorb that carbon dioxide.
they absorb the water. They release oxygen from the water molecules
so we can breathe it in, burn the sugar
to produce the carbon dioxide that they can absorb
to make more sugar. You may get the idea all these parts have
to fit together at the same time.
That´s one thing, as we look at the creation account,
how God made plants, animals, people - - all the physical features of the universe
– to fit together in an intricate pattern,
Reflecting His glory. Food, oxygen, medicine, fuel, raw materials
– surely the Lord designed plants for our benefit.
The rich diversity of flowering plants and the many purposes
they serve, all point to a wise and compassionate Creator.
Though magnificent in bloom, the glory of the flower quickly fades.
Scripture likens man´s life on earth to a flower –
so quick to pass away. Therefore, how important it is for each of
us to seek everlasting life today.
“Then God said, ‘Let the waters abound with an abundance
“of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth.’
“So God created every living thing that moves,
and God saw that is was good.” In the Book of Genesis we read that God created
everything to be very good. And though sin has since injured creation,
the fish, the birds, and all creatures still testify to God´s
goodness and wisdom. We´ll now turn our attention to the Lord´s
incredible creatures. Living in the waters of the world are creatures
more magnificent than mankind could ever imagine. The enormous assortment of ocean dwellers
speaks of the unlimited ingenuity of our great Creator.
And each sea creature has been designed with remarkable functionality.
God equipped the octopus with a form of jet propulsion,
suction-cup technology, and self-adjusting camouflage
far superior to any manmade design. Watch as this giant octopus morphs into a
rock with algae—its color, shape,
and texture are all transformed in an instant! The squid on the left is a male.
He shows a brownish-red courtship pattern toward the female, while simultaneously showing
a white fighting pattern on this opposite side
to ward off rival males. As he switches sides his markings actually
flip! Dual simultaneous signaling demonstrates God´s
engineering supremacy. Underwater symbiotic relationship reveal perfect
foresight in design planning. Sea anemones are poisonous, yet God has enabled
certain fish to safely cohabitate in their environment.
For example, clown fish are designed with an immunity
to the anemone´s poison. This could not have been inherited,
as prior generations would have been killed and gone extinct before evolving a beneficial
immunity. The schooling pattern of certain fish is still
being researched. The ability for fish to dart with synchronized
movements reveals the guiding hand of a Grand Conductor.
Different species of fish have been relegated to dwell
at specific levels of the ocean depths. This capability is the result of a specially
designed air bladder which secretes gases from the blood stream,
regulating the pressure - - maintaining equilibrium - -
allowing the fish to survive at various water pressures
within a range determined by the Creator. One of my absolutely favorite sea creature
is the pearly nautilus or the chambered nautilus.
Here´s a shell like you might find in a Florida shell shop.
And when you cut these down the middle, ooh, look at that.
All of these chambers inside. The animal that lives in the last chamber
here is essentially a squid.
It has lots of little tentacles coming out the front like that.
All these little chambers enable it to regulate its buoyancy
like a submarine does. Inside that amazing squid, there´s a brain.
There´s an eye that sees the world like we do.
There´s a digestive system, a salivary gland and a pancreas gland.
They have three different hearts. They are a complex inside as we are.
And yet, fossils of this kind of creature are among the first
to be found. Initial complexity - - a marvelous testimony
to God´s creativity. When I look at the sea creatures that God
has created, I look in particular to the fish.
They are amazing creatures, starting with their
streamlined efficiency. The fact that they are designed to extract
oxygen from the water in such an efficient manner.
The fact that they have such pleasing aesthetic values,
and also of course, the great quantities of food
they provide for man. Fish have always been fish, according to the
fossil record. Yes, fish certainly are an incredible feature
of God´s living creation. The obvious sophistication, variety, and beauty
of sea creatures shout out, “A Master artist created all things for His good pleasure.”
Birds are among the most captivating creatures on earth.
We marvel at their spectacular colors, their streamlined shapes, and their ability
to fly with grace and ease.
For centuries man attempted to imitate the flight of a bird.
It was only in the twentieth century that he succeeded in controlled flight.
To this day, in order to improve the aerodynamics of the plane,
man will return to study God´s marvelous avian design.
Consider some of the Creator´s design features. A bird´s bones are lightweight and virtually
hollow. They are supported inside by struts and honeycombed
with air sacs. These lightweight bones are designed so efficiently
for flight that the bird´s feathers usually weigh more
than its entire skeleton! Even its beak is designed to save weight-
- made of lightweight horn rather than heavy
bone. Birds also have two strong sets of breast
muscles - - a large set to control the wing´s down strokes,
and a smaller set to control the upstrokes. And only birds have been created with feathers.
Feathers insulate the bird from the sun´s heat,
protect it from the cold, waterproof the body, and create wing and tail surfaces necessary
for flight. Each feather is connected to a nerve and controlled
by a muscle. This precision muscular control helps the
bird balance. In the air, steer, and brake when slowing
down to land. Birds, they’re just truly spectacularly
amazing. They´re well-known, of course, for the feather,
which is a masterpiece of strength and lightness Combined in one thing.
They have a little system of barbs, barbules, Kknd of like the hooks and eyelets of Velcro,
that it can zipper together the little feathers that stick out from the main shaft.
And they can take their bill and zipper them and unzipper them as they oil their feathers.
And each feather, along the length of the wing,
has a slightly different size and shape that´s coordinated
with all of the others. There´s no way at all feathers could just
arise by time and chance.
They are marvels, masterpieces, miraculous examples of creation.
another essential element to bird flight is the air-filled bags that lie between
the bird´s organs. The bird´s air-sacs are connected to its
lungs, and during flight air flows through them.
This arrangement rapidly feeds the bird´s body tissues
with life-supporting oxygen while keeping it light
in the air. All birds are amazing.
You know, they have a system of breathing that´s not found
in any other creature. The bird lung is a special double-tied system
where you can oxygenate the air both inhaling and exhaling.
Unlike our lungs or the lungs of any other creature,
the bird lung has back doors. And it turns out that this is important.
Birds do not change the shape of their chest cavity
when they breathe. You know, if you saw a bird just land
from a thousand-mile migration, just landed, would you see the chest heave as he breathed
? They are stone still no matter how hard they´re
been flying. You think, how do they breathe ?
It turns out that the air is moved through the bird much like
a bellows for a fire. These air bags between the muscles,
and as the bird flies, as it walks, it´s moving the air.
Such wonderful creatures God made in birds. All of these engineering marvels combine for
efficient flight and show perfect foresight in the creation
of birds. One of the marvels of birds is their ability
to migrate long distances. The arctic tern makes it all the way from
areas near the North Pole all the way down to the
South Pole and back every year.
Now people can to that in an airplane. Well you perhaps looked into the cockpit of
an airplane— all those switches and dials and levers and
controls. And then you have to have ground control to
tell the pilot where he´s going, and all of that is packed into
one teeny part of a bird´s brain.
Next time somebody calls you a birdman, say “Why, thank you!”
The Lord has equipped each bird uniquely for his role in life.
In the service of man each species of birds has
a special area of patrol. Many help by controlling insects,
others remove the carcasses. The finch family is a great weed seed destroyer.
The owl and the hawk keep the rodents in check. The sandpiper combs the beaches.
The water bird maintains the proper balance iIn fish population;
The heron in frog and snake control. With graceful proportions, amazing aerodynamic
abilities, and practical functions, each bird is a testimony
to God´s wisdom and love. While God provides marvelously for birds,
remember that Jesus assures us that we “are of more value than many sparrows.”
The hummingbird is a marvel of agility and grace.
The smallest birds – they take their name from the humming
sound made by their rapid wing-beats. Darting from flower to flower, the hummer
poises in mid-air— he has come to sip sweet nectar.
The hummingbird has been wonderfully designed to do this.
God gave it a small body to move with ease about the flowers;
A long needle-like bill to probe deeply into the flower cup;
And a specialized tongue ideal for extracting nectar.
God also gave it remarkably strong wings and a sturdy breastbone,
which enable the bird to stop in mid-air, and even fly backwards and sideways with ease.
Of course all the hummingbird´s features - -
long bill, special tongue, unique rapid wing beat - - would have to work
together from the beginning in order for it to be able
to gather its energy food and thereby survive. Though the wings of most birds bend at the
shoulder, elbow, and wrist, the hummingbird chiefly uses the
shoulder. Like a helicopter, it can rise directly upward.
The Creator´s design, however, makes it possible to swivel
in all directions; is much more efficient; And far more agile than any manmade flying
machine. the hummer´s capabilities are phenomenal.
When hovering, his wings beat 50 times a second; when speeding straight away, up to 80 times.
Its heart beats 21 times in the same second. These tiny little birds have a metabolic rate
that is almost unimaginable. Their heartbeat is so fast it gets into the
range of audible sound.
You think of these little hummers that fly –
they migrate over hundreds of miles. The reserve food to make this trip,
an error of hundredths of a gram in nutrients could mean not making the trip.
Birds alone would be absolute compelling evidence for a marvelous Creator.
The hummingbird´s nest is a masterpiece of art.
The female is the artist. She uses fern fuzz, dandelion seed down,
and other plant felts. The exterior is adorned with lichens and fastened
with spider webbing. The interior is lined with the softest down
available. No one teaches her the art of nest building;
it is a God-given ability. The male hummingbird´s coloring has no rival
in the bird kingdom. The Magnificent hummingbird, the Broad-tailed,
the Blue-throated, and Costa´s hummingbird are among the more than 300 stunning species.
The iridescent colors of the throat and crown are due
to refraction and not pigments. Often these areas appear dark, almost black,
but from the proper angle the iridescent colors seem to glow from within.
Every aspect of these remarkable birds testifies to the Creator´s gracious provision.
Would we say that the hummingbird has been especially favored by the all-loving Creator
? No, this genuine love is extended upon every
creature. If we carefully study any creature,
the Lord´s glory will always beam forth. An estimated 18,000 butterfly species adorn
our planet. The beautiful coloration of butterfly wings
is created by millions of minute scales.
These precision scales function as biophotonic crystals –
reflecting specific wavelengths of light to produce
these brilliant colors. The extraordinary patterns as pleasing colors
reveal a wise and caring Designer.
One of the amazing things I find about the butterfly is
its beautiful iridescence. Take for example the Morpho butterfly.
Morpho butterflies have a beautiful blue type iridescence,
but then when biologists many decades ago began to look
at the scales of the butterfly, they didn´t find any pigmentation cells.
They found instead biophotonic structures. They found structures that are designed by
the Creator to absorb certain wavelengths of white light
and reflect back to the viewer only that wavelength of light
within the spectrum of a bluish-purple color.
We have found that using electron microscope, there are structures there that can have no
more variation than .00004 millimeters –
a wonderful testament to God´s design. All butterflies undergo an amazing transformation
during their life cycle. The insect begins as an egg, then a crawling
caterpillar, followed by the pupa stage.
During this stage the caterpillar begins to convulse in rhythmic jerks, breaking off
its outer skin. Its legs and head capsule are quickly shed,
giving rise to a chrysalis. Then, within the first day, the caterpillar´s
organs disintegrate into a soupy liquid.
Miraculously, after 1 to 2 weeks, a complex, winged butterfly emerges!
This metamorphosis takes place in a matter of days,
not millions of years. The adult butterfly now has six segmented
legs, antennae, a specialized feeding tube, two amazing compound
eyes, complex reproductive organs and four ornate
wings! The caterpillar had none of these features.
Clearly, the genetic instructions for all these
stages were programmed into the insect by the Creator
from the beginning. When a butterfly changes form a caterpillar
to a chrysalis to a butterfly, there are two completely different
designs here. One design is for the caterpillar,
that´s the initial stage. And all that does is creep around on the backside
of a leaf and it munches and eats all day,
increases its size about 250 times. That´s all it does.
But then it goes in the chrysalis, and turns into liquid,
and then it comes out with a totally different design.
What was the butterly designed to do ? Well that was designed to fly, of course,
where the caterpillar wasn´t. It was designed to drink the nectar from the
flowers, but at the same time fertilize the flowers.
It was designed to mate. And it was designed to be able to migrate
from one country to the other, several thousand miles in some cases.
So it´s designed for specific things. The caterpillar has one thing to do: to grow
– eat and grow.
And the butterfly has several things to do: eat, grow, fertilize and mate.
Thousands of years ago Scripture declared what was common knowledge to everyone.
For example, in the Book of Job chapter 12 we read:
“But now ask the beasts and they will teach you,
“and the birds of the air and they will tell you.
“Or speak to the earth and it will teach you,
“and the fish of the sea will explain to you.
“Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord
Has done this?” If we examine the evidence that we see,
the various things that have been created, it is very clear from the Scriptures
that the evidence points to the reality that there´s
a Creator who has made all things. Our great Creator has provided us with countless
examples of His infinite wisdom.
The functionality and ingenuity of God´s creatures surpass our
understanding and are cause for unending thanksgiving and worship.
While all of creation reflects aspects of God´s character,
man alone was created in God´s image. Man has physical distinctions: his brain
is a masterpiece of complexity; his hands are able to accomplish precise work;
his posture is upright, yet it is man´s spiritual nature
that is especially unique. Scripture explains that God is Spirit,
and even though mankind has fallen into sin, man´s spiritual nature still retains a glimmer
of the Creator´s character. For example man has a free will.
Man knows the difference between good and evil.
And only mankind has produced great scientists, composers, prophets and poets.
Mankind has been engineered with brilliant physical traits.
For example, the human eye moves about 100,000 times each day
with automatic focusing, and can handles 1.5 million simultaneous messages.
The eye is also self-cleaning, with built-in wipers
and cleaning fluid, and the eye even has the amazing ability
to assemble and heal itself. Furthermore, God has designed the human eye
to distinguish millions of colors – and his mind to appreciate the rich spectrum
of beauty seen throughout creation. Most people don´t realize this but the eye
Is part of the brain. It´s an extension of bud in the embryo
that buds off the brain and there´s a little window
that develops in the skin called the cornea of the eye.
Isn´t that great? The eyeball is located precisely where a clear
window develops in the skin, so we may look through.
It´s sensitive to light over a range of about 10 billion to one!
That is from the brightest thing we can see, maybe a sun-drenched snowscape,
down to as little as a single photon of light: That´s our smallest unit of light.
And of course everywhere you look, the focus is automatic.
And the two eyes look at the same spot, wherever we look.
It´s like somebody with a pair of six guns that can fire the guns and everywhere they
shoot, the two bullets make one hole.
Instantly. Everywhere. And that´s what are eyes are doing.
Everywhere we look they converge in the same point.
If they were off by just a degree or so, you´d see double.
Everywhere I look I see overwhelming evidence of the handiwork of God, and surely,
when man denies that, he is without excuse, just as Romans chapter 1 verse 20 tells us.
Even more mind-boggling, the Lord has designed all man´s senses to be intimately integrated.
When we see food, our stomachs may growl and our mouths salivate.
Upon hearing the voice of an old friend, our hearts may leap for joy.
And one smell of grandma´s cooking can invoke memories
from years past. However, the wonder of our physical sophistication
pales In comparison to our spiritual nature.
Man is self conscious and able to contemplate himself.
Man was created a rational being - - Endowed with the faculty of reason
and the ability to learn. Man was given the capacity to retain past
experiences, and his memory makes it possible for him to
reflect on the goodness of God.
According to the Genesis record, man was made in the image of God.
That means he had attributes, abilities, capacities that God had given him.
When we read the Genesis 4 record, which is after the Fall,
we still see these abilities and capacities. For example, man could build cities.
He could make and play musical instruments. He understood metallurgy. He understood agriculture.
He could write poetry and literature. As well, man was created with a spiritual
component. Man had a free will to choose, had a conscience.
So we see God created man unique from the rest of the creation.
There are many differences between mankind and animals.
One verse that comes to mind is over in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 11.
It´s the verse that says we are special, that God has put eternity in our hearts.
That is, we have a concept of history of the past
and present, and future. This is different from animals that live for
today. We are a special creation.
Another wonderful gift of the Creator to man is emotion.
It gives him color and richness, feeling, and the capacity for joy and laughter.
Only man, of all creatures on earth, can appreciate and inspiring symphony
or rejoice in the beauty of a sunset. And man alone, is a free, moral agent –
Responsible to God and to society. The only explanation to account for morality
in man is the fact revealed in the Scriptures; namely, that man
was created in the image of God, and therefore,
made like God, a moral being. In addition to being almighty and all wise,
the Bible states that God is completely holy. He always does what is right.
God cannot lie, He cannot sin, and He is always faithful and true.
How can we know that God is just ? Scripture explains that the Lord has written
His law on every heart.
The Creator´s holy nature is revealed to every man
through conscience. Conscience is our God-given knowledge of right
and wrong. Therefore man knows that his Creator is both
the moral law-giver and the judge. Anna, do you have a conscience?
I believe I do have a conscience. Do you believe everyone has a conscience?
Absolutely. - But you have a conscience ?
- Yes. - Where did it come from ?
- I don´t know. The Bible makes it very clear that the knowledge
of God is written on our hearts.
Even that knowledge of right and wrong. - Have you ever told a lie ?
- Yes. - What does that make you?
- A liar. A liar, right?
- Have you ever stolen anything? - Yes.
- What does that make you? - A thief.
Just supposing you are in a shop, in a store someplace,
and there´s something that you really need. And it´s just sitting there and nobody´s
around watching it. You say to yourself, “I haven´t brought
my wallet. I forgot that.”
Nobody looking. In the pocket. It goes in. You walk out.
And nobody, challenges you. You got away with it!
Inside, what are you thinking? At night when you go bed, what are you thinking?
And I think anybody knows fully well that the thoughts
will go around in your head: I stole that” This is a conscience.
Have you always obeyed your God-given conscience? No. No.
Have you ever used your Creator´s name, the God who gave you taste buds
and eyesight and every good gift, ever use His name as a curse word?
Yes, I have. Jesus said, “You have heard it said,
“You shall not commit adultery.” But I say that if you look at a girl lustfully
you have committed adultery in your heart.”
Have you ever looked at a girl lustfully? Yeah, I have.
Okay, so you broke that commandment, right? Yeah.
God says He has written His law in every human conscience.
So they are all without excuse. Everyone knows that he´s a sinner.
Everyone knows he´s broken God´s law. Everyone knows he hasn´t done right.
We have the ability to know right and wrong. If we have the ability to know what is good,
then God also must know. He must be the ultimate revelation of morality—
The Creator. Yeah. Of what´s right. Of what´s good.
‘Cause how would we know what was right or wrong?
Yeah. I know. That´s amazing. The fact that every man knows right from wrong,
what does that tell us about God´s character and nature?
That He´s just. If God were to judge based on the holy standard,
would you be guilty or innocent? Guilty.
So if you are guilty as a blaspheming, lying, thief,
on the day of judgment, would God send you to heaven or hell,
based on the Ten Commandments? Uh, I would definitely go to hell.
Do we have to face the almighty Judge ? And yes, we do.
And that being so, we would be found guilty of whatever we´ve done.
The conscience tells me there is Someone to whom
I am accountable. He is my Creator.
And I know that I have not lived up to His standards.
Have you ever used God´s name in vain ? Like, On my God?
Yeah. Can you think of a time when your conscience
just screamed at you? Something you did in the past where it was
like, “Alan, don´t do that!”
Or, “Alan, you shouldn´t have done that.” Yeah.
If you can remember that, do you think our Creator can?
Yes. Do you think conscience tells us we need a
Savior ? Yes!
And you know that it took a God of personal love and concern,
but of unbending justice. It´s the only way it can be.
We can´t get Him to change His laws. He´s the only one who could have put that
conscience within us so that we experience—
It´s really God that we´re experiencing through our conscience.
Though creation shows forth God´s wonders, it presents a mixed message.
For in the midst of such beauty and order, we observe disease decay, and death.
Not surprisingly, it is the Bible alone which explains
this apparent contradiction. In the beginning God created everything perfect.
However man was given a free will and a choice. Sadly, he chose to rebel against His creator.
As God warned Adam, sin resulted in suffering and death.
The curse described in Genesis affected all creation,
and today we see the horrible results. However, there is good news!
Before time began God had a plan to rescue manking.
Because the penaulty for sin is death, the Creator came to earth as a man
lived a sinless life, and died to pay the penalty
for our sins. He then rose from the dead and offers forgiveness
and eternal life to all who will trust Him. As this film has been portraying, in Creation,
we see the wisdom and power the wonder of God
– His concern for His creatures.
But you can´t look at it without realizing something is wrong.
It´s like we have a memory deep within our conscience of a time
when there was a paradise, and it´s lost! God made a beautiful world. It was perfect
to start with. But because of man´s sin, now it´s a groaning
world. So we see beauty and we see groaning and we
see ugliness. But it all seems contradictory.
But that´s only because it is a fallen world. It´s so easy to see the God of wonders just
on stroll through Whatever neighborhood we might live in.
You know, birds fluttering overhead, Majestic beauty of flowers, the glory of a
sunset. Yet many of you may be troubled like I was
as a young man, trained in biology: Well, what about all the
birth defects, disease, disaster, fires, floods, famines,
plagues? Where is God in all of these things?
Is that the God of wonders who did that ? The Bible tells us quite clearly: No!
The God of wonders is the one who created the wonders we see,
the marvels of beauty and design. Unfortunately, man rebelled against God.
But what God did was absolutely phenomenal. Even though we rebelled against Him
and we don´t deserve to even live. We don´t deserve existence.
He stepped into history to become one of us. Jesus said, “God so loved the world,
“so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.”
Would you give your son, knowing that He´s going
to be hated and persecuted and scourged and beaten,
mocked and crucified? God knew what would happen. And I often think
of Jesus. He knew from eternity past what He would face.
Someone might wonder how a man who walked the dusty roads
Of Israel so long ago could possibly save us from death.
How could He possibly raise us to new life? But remember, the Christ who died for us
Is the Creator of life. What an awesome God!
The fact that He would actually step into history to pay
the penalty for our sin and then offer a free gift of salvation
to save us from what we did. You see, in actuality, we committed high treason
against the God of creation, and yet, He loved us so much
He stepped into history to provide the payment for our sins so that we can spend eternity
with Him. Wow, what an awesome God!
According to the Scriptures, this great Creator is the one
who not only made everything but who redeemed us
from our sins. Jesus Christ came to this earth,
Lived a perfect life in our place, Died upon the cross, His blood was shed.
Three days later, He´s resurrected. He lives today.
And whosoever believes in Him And acknowledges Him as acknowledges who we
are and what we´ve done as asks for forgiveness,
and repent from our sins, can enter into a relationship
with the Creator that will last for eternity. This is the Good News!
Perhaps the most wondrous of all the aspects of creation
is that God would not leave us alone. He sent His own Son to restore things.
And we look forward to His coming again, when once again,
“The wolf and the lamb will lie down together. “They´ll not hurt nor destroy in all My
holy mountain, “but the earth will be full of the knowledge
of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”
That marvelous passage in Isaiah. Wow, God´s redeeming love!
That´s the greatest wonder of all. Truly our Creator is the God of wonders.
And the greatest wonder is His immeasurable love.
Scripture states that God is love and He demonstrated this
Love toward us by stepping down from heaven to offer His life
so that we might be reconciled to Him forever! Jesus Christ is the Creator.
On the cross He bore our sins and then rose from the dead.
The Lord now offers everlasting life to all who will turn
from their sins and trust in Him personally. By placing your faith in Jesus Christ you
can enter into a relationship with the Creator of the
universe that will last forever.
This is His free gift and His desire for you. To God alone who does such great wonders,
be glory, thanksgiving and honor forever!
Bless the Lord, O my soul Bless His holy, His wonderful Name!
Bless the Lord, O my soul for His love will forever remain
your Creator is worthy of praise your Sustainer has poured out His grace
He poured our His mercy on those who would fear Him
He poured out His love, His forgiveness of sin
Bless the Lord, O my soul Bless His holy, His wonderful Name!
Sing to Him a new tune sing to Him from the deep of your soul
Meditate on His word don´t forget His stripes made you whole
Your Creator is worthy of praise Your Sustainer has poured out His grace
He poured our His mercy on those who would fear Him
He poured out His love, His forgiveness of sin
Bless the Lord, O my soul Bless His holy, His wonderful Name!
Tell the lost of His love; let Him shine through each word that you say!
Trust completely, don´t fret! He will guide you each step of the way
You are His! Nothing may come between You are His! You belong to the King!
Remember and cling to the promise He gave us, that not anything
ever can separate us From the love of our Savior,
Christ Jesus O bless ye His name! Remember and cling to the promise
He gave us, that not anything ever can separate us From the love of our
Savior, Christ Jesus O bless ye His name!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! From the love of our Savior Christ Jesus
O bless ye His name! He is Holy!
He is Holy! From the love of our Savior, Christ Jesus
O bless ye His name!
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