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I honestly, from the heart, loved this film.
- Oh, terrific. Thank you. - And I love that I can come in and say that.
- Me too. Thank you very much. - And genuinely mean it, so much.
And I want everyone to love it as much as I did and I want everyone to see it.
Oh good. Well, get out there and tell them.
Well, this is where I need your help.
Okay, come on.
What would you say to a young audience who aren't as familiar with the story to make
them go and see it?
I mean, it's funny. It's really thrilling, it's war thriller. It's also about an extraordinary
human being who is really important to our modern lives. If you have an iPhone, if you
use social media, if you understand what it is to connect through technology, if you feel
like you've ever been an outsider or you've been bullied or people see you as being something
other than the conservative of idea of the norm, normal - whatever that means - then
this is a hero for you. This is a man that you should understand and know the story of
because his work and his life was a full expression of that and he's so important to us, you know,
from this to the fact that we managed to crack a code in the war that stopped the Nazis from
taking over and having fascists rule in this country. And look at what's going on at the
moment, so it's not a history lesson; it's something that's, sadly, incredibly relatable
to today. Very relevant, very current.
You do learn a lot from it as well.
You do, but I think it's very easy on the kind of, 'And now we're doing the science bit.' It's
not like that, it's a really fast-paced, thrilling, intelligent but smart and funny kind of film
to introduce bigger ideas to and we know that we're telling this to an audience that we
want to have a wider understanding of this matter. Of course, for experts there are better
jumping off points to go to after the film, through Andrew Hodges amazing biography and
amazing amounts, reams are written about cryptography and everything that Alan Turing did,
both with that but also he was involved in biology; if you have any interest in science as a kid,
this is fascinating but even if you don't it's just alarmingly brilliant how diverse this
man's talents were.
There is a great quote in here which I found really touching which was, 'Sometimes it's
the people no-one imagines anything of that do the things that no-one can imagine.'
Yeah, you may think that you've got nothing to offer the world but actually you really
do just because you are who you are and that's a hugely important message in the film.
Are there any other quotes like that in the film that inspired you?
That's a big one. God, many. I mean yeah, there's one I try to hold on to a little bit,
and I'm being lazy because I've said this before but my brain is- I've got very odd
quotes from Richard III swilling round my mind which are not good things to hold on
to, but amazing. I would say there's one by Desuso which my fans know, so forgive me those
of you who are watching, but it's 'Dance like no-one's watching. Sing as though no-one can
hear you' No, yeah, sing as in no-on can hear you, erm, 'Love as though you've never been
hurt. And live life as though heaven is on Earth.' I think that's quite a good motto
to hold on to.
Yeah, it is.
It's just about being free and being yourself really and not being inhibited by the idea
of being judged.
I loved this film and I genuinely came out touched. My friend who went with me was in
tears and it was a wonderful film.
-Great. Thank you so much. -Thank you so much.
That's wonderful to hear. Thank you.
It's lovely to meet you.
Thank you.
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Benedict Cumberbatch interview: Why you should watch The Imitation Game and favourite quotes

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Hsuan published on November 20, 2014
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