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Hey Thoughty2 here. Are you scared of wasps? You will be if you ever get chased by a swarm
of Asian Giant Hornets.
They are the world's largest hornets, at 5 times the size of the european honey bee,
they are nearly as big as your entire thumb, with a wingspan bigger than a hummingbird's.
Also known as the Japanese Giant Hornet, they're responsible for around 40 deaths every year
in Japan. They will swarm and aggressively give chase if you disturb their nest. A single
sting is enough to kill a human, even if you're not allergic to hornet venom. One victim described
the sting as feeling "like a hot nail being driven into my leg."
Think giant wasp's are deadly? How about a "sea wasp", that's the name given to the Australian
Box Jellyfish. The box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world. They have up
to 60 tentacles, each 4.6 metres (15 feet) long. Each of it's tentacles has 5,000 stinging
cells and enough venom to kill 60 humans. It's sting will kill you in minutes, by shutting
down your nervous system. Most victims don't even make it back to shore.
Scary stuff, but don't be fooled by the Cone Snail.
The cone snail looks innocent with its beautifully ornate shell, but it's a nasty little bugger.
A single drop of venom from this underwater menace is enough to end 20 human lives. Inside
its shell is a poison dart that will instantly harpoon you if you pick it up. Once its venom
is inside you, it will quickly paralyse your entire body then you have about 2 hours to
live; there is no anti venom. Cone snails are found in the oceans of tropical countries
such as Brazil.
A fear of spiders is extremely commonplace, but arachnophobics can relax, because they
may look creepy, but the fact is, an extremely small percentage of spider species actually
carry venom that is lethal to humans. Even the infamous Black Widow's deadliness is a
bit of a myth, Black Widow spiders aren't aggressive and very rarely bite, but when
they do the dose of toxins they inject is usually not fatal to humans. However there
is one spider you should worry about, more than any other. The Amazon Rainforest is home
to the world's most dangerous spider, the Brazilian Wandering Spider. It's awfully aggressive
and intensely venomous. Even though they're smaller than most spider species they're not
afraid of humans. Luckily they only inject a dose of venom lethal to humans 40% of the
time, the rest of the time you will just feel immense pain. But these little horrors have
another rather humorous but unfortunate side effect. Males bitten by the Wandering Spider
will be afflicted with a prolonged erection. The spider's venom has been called "natural
They're all terrifying animals, but for sheer number of kills none of these killers come
close to the biggest mass murderer of all, the mosquito. Mosquitos are responsible for
between 2 to 3 million human deaths every year, mostly in Africa. They're bites can
transfer parasites that carry malaria.
But which animal, if it were you vs. them, one to one would guarantee your death, if
it attacks. The prize goes to the brown bear. Weighing in at 635 kg or 1,400 lbs the grizzly
bear would be your most formidable opponent. It can kill you with a single swipe of it's
paw. There's no use running, they're much faster than you. Brown bears can reach speeds
of 30 miles per hour. Runnersworld.com calculated you would need a head start of 2,146 metres
to outrun a brown bear if it chased you. That's about 21 football pitches. And don't think
you can escape up a tree, or dive into the nearest lake, bears are exceptional swimmers
and tree climbers. If a brown bear decide's you're it's breakfast, you're it's breakfast.
Luckily for us, they don't attack humans often, especially not groups, attacks on groups of
more than 3 are virtually unheard of.
So what truly is the most dangerous animal? Well if there's one animal I wouldn't want
to get into a fight with, it's the brown bear.
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What's The Most Dangerous Animal?

2143 Folder Collection
Simon published on November 19, 2014
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