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Hello, my name is SNES Man. Today I want to talk to you about Super Nintendo games with
awesome 2 player modes, the kind of games where you team up with your friend and just
obliterate everything in your way. So, without further ado, let's get down to my top 10 Super
Nintendo Co-Op games!
First is Joe and Mac 2. This sequel is a little better than the first Joe and Mac game because
of a smoother two player mode and better graphics. It's really fun to slaughter dinosaurs with
your teammate and there are sometimes puzzles to solve. The only downside is it gets really
hectic with two people running around so there will be some instant death situations. But
overall, this is an excellent side-scroller and a great choice for primitive action.
At number 9 is Secret of Mana. Secret of Mana is a big, sweeping Square Soft RPG in the
vein of Final Fantasy except with an action-based fighting system instead of turns. Since multiplayer
RPGS are really rare, this game is unique and it's a fun experience. Now, why didn't
I put it higher on the list? My main problem is the magic. It doesn't work well in co-op
mode: it's boring to see your friend sift through a bunch of menus just to use one attack.
But otherwise, this is an excellent choice for a two-player game.
At number 8 is Super Smash T.V. This is a classic example of mindless entertainment
made to rot your brain. No puzzles, no platforming adventures, just gritty, fast-paced shoot
'em up action. Because it's so straight-forward and to the point, it's an easy game to pick
up and play with your friend. Also, its difficulty slowly increases as you go so you can get
some good experience before you face the real carnage. So, if you're in for in for a quick,
fun time, then pop in Super Smash T.V.
Number 7 is the Donkey Kong Country Series. Everyone likes the Donkey Kong Country trilogy.
They're some of the best games to grace the Super Nintendo. And even though the multiplayer
isn't simultaneous, it's still really good. Unlike many other alternating 2 player games
(like Mario), you can switch characters during the level at any point in the Donkey Kong
series. Also, if your partner dies, you can find them in a barrel and rescue them, letting
them run right back into the action. It's a nice tag-team adventure and a great way
to experience these awesome platformers.
At number 6 is Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Zombies is a fast paced, easy to learn game. Just
pick up a controller and start shooting zombies with your trusty water pistol . . . and try
to survive. The learning curve is pretty gradual so this is a good choice for a 2 player game,
even if your partner hasn't played it before. The only thing that would make it better would
be a split-screen option. If it let the players roam around more, this would be a perfect
co-op game. Even with this flaw, though, it's a great adventure that I'd recommend.
Number 5: Super Double Dragon. This game isn't too popular mainly because of the slow game
speed and the old-fashioned graphics. Personally, though, I think it's a great game for co-op.
It's a classic beat em up similar to Final Fight. You have lots of moves at your disposal
so the action doesn't get stale and the slow pace actually gives you time to think and
get into the groove of the game. If you're introducing someone new to this game, they
have enough time to learn the ropes before the hard stuff kicks in. It's a little more
methodical and laid-back than the other games on the list but that's not necessarily a bad
thing. Check out Double Dragon if you've never played it before. The 2 player mode is truly
Number 4: King of Dragons. Like Double Dragon, this is a great 2 player beat em up. What
makes this game better,though, is that your characters are way more interesting and powerful.
You can unleash spells, collect items, and level up your character . . . and of course
bash in some heads. It has a nice quick pace and you have lots of lives and health. The
enemies and stages are much more varied than most beat em ups so it won't get repetitive;
instead of the typical thugs, you get to fight orcs, wolves, slime creatures, and of course
dragons. This is a brilliant cooperative adventure.
Next is Contra 3: The Alien Wars. This legendary shooter is a great game all around. The difficulty
might make it a bit too hard to play with newcomers, but it's a great game to play with
someone else who's experienced if you can find them. The thrilling action, absurd bosses,
and sky-high challenge are even better if you have a friend at your side to help mow
down the aliens and attack aggressively. Few games in this era have the same intensity
of Contra 3. It's a real classic.
This has the best 2 player mode of any beat em up on the Super Nintendo. The lives are
plentiful, the action is quick-paced, the difficulty is fair, and the levels are a blast.
The pace is perfect for a two player setting: it moves fast but it's not overwhelming or
hectic. The turtles have a wide array of attacks to chose from including throwing enemies at
the screen -- so you won't get bored or sick of the game. This adventure is too great to
play by yourself. It has to be shared.
And now number one, the greatest Co-Op game on the Super Nintendo is . . .
Sunset Riders is my all-time favorite Co-Op game. It's essentially Contra in the wild
west. It has great controls, fun level design, and overall, the best 2 player mode around.
What makes its multiplayer so great is its perfect blend of challenge and fun -- it may
be hard at certain parts but there're always plenty of lives and continues to help you
pull through. The game is the perfect length for a 2 player game too: short and sweet.
And how could you not love a game that lets you play as Cormano, the coolest guy in the
wild west? If you haven't played this game before then get it now! That is an order.
So those are my top 10 favorite co-op games. Thanks for watching. This has been a SNES
Man Review and I'll talk to you again sometime soon.
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Top 10 SNES Co-Op Games

3876 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 12, 2013
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