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  • Israel, Palestine, Ukraine and Iraq monopolize a lot of the headlines these days, but theyre

  • not the only groups at war. So, how many wars are happening right now? Well, currently - there

  • are 10 active wars and 8 active military conflicts worldwide.

  • Were limiting the scope here to wars only. According to American University Professor

  • Joshua S. Goldstein, wars include any ongoing violent conflict between two or more parties,

  • in which 1,000 or more people have died within a year.

  • In Syria, there are numerous groups fighting, including ISIS, Syrian Rebels, and The Syrian

  • Government. The war started in 2011 as a movement to oust President Bashar Al-Assad and his

  • Government. It’s currently - by far - the bloodiest conflict on a day by day basis.

  • According to some reports, Bashar al-Assad (Bah-sharr el-As-saad) and his Government

  • are committing War Crimes against their own people. A situation that is probably going

  • to get worse before it gets better.

  • In Afghanistan, the Afghan Government is fighting the Taliban and has been since the late 90’s,

  • but violence has slowed recently, and international troops are starting to pull out. If everything

  • goes well, there could be an end in sight for this conflict.

  • In Pakistan, the Government is fighting with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist

  • groups in an autonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan. This is where numerous terrorist

  • groups have set up training facilities and hideouts. The Pakistani Government has had

  • some success, but the operation is far from over.

  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there has been constant conflict since 1998, with

  • everyone from Joseph Kony to the perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda involved. The country

  • is in turmoil. And there is no end in sight.

  • South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan in 2011. Since then, a civil war has broken

  • out in South Sudan along ethnic lines with the Dinkas fighting on behalf of the current

  • President, and the Nuers (New-ers) fighting on behalf of the former Vice President. The

  • area is also experiencing famine, which is making the entire situation worse.

  • In Libya. The Libyan Government is facing factional violence stemming from the downfall

  • of longtime dictator Moammar Gaddafi (Gah-daff-fie) in 2011, and the civil war that followed.

  • They have an interim government in place, but little can be done to stop the fighting.

  • In Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is currently fighting Russian-backed separatists for the

  • Eastern part of Ukraine. There are some reports that Russia is also directly involved in the

  • fighting.

  • The remaining 3 active wars are in Iraq, Israel/Palestine and Nigeria - and wouldn’t you know, weve

  • already done full videos on each of those. Just click the boxes in front of you to see

  • those episodes, or click on our World At War Playlist to watch them all. Remember we upload

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Israel, Palestine, Ukraine and Iraq monopolize a lot of the headlines these days, but theyre

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