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Okay, people, we got one week until the park opens, all right?
So let's run through it all again, and this time
Please, don't forget your accents.
Get off my case!
It's hot in this getup, you choad!
I've got seven days to get this place ready
And if I don't make it work, I'm right back to the finger-painting college.
My junk is numb!
[horse whinnies]
Ohh! I bit my tongue!
Can someone get the Filipino employee back on that horse?
This place could become the best medieval theme park in the world
The only problem is that a lot of the employees here
work about as hard as a bucket of apples.
It's beer and a ton of powdered donuts
'Cause it's powerful yeahhhh
Powdered SUGAR!
I like to get freaky
Get what I mean?
I can see your crack.
Don't look at me!
I bet your crack went out with your face.
Do you know what that even means?
It means you're pathetic.
I hate that kid.
Who threw these poops on me?!
Listen, son, I'll give you four cents each for them banilla wafers.
You can eat sand, young man
I mean, this guy's really ridiculous
Hey girl, how you been?
Face lick -
Ooh, girl, you taste REAL good.
You a fan of the Pikachu?
Hmm, uhhh
Ooo weee, she definitely gets a huzzah!
Dude, that's Denise.
Last night we met this cool guy
And he was black
And then we went to the firebug's house
And I was so good
Though Beth overdrinks.
Is that right
Totally, I mean, she doesn't just sip it
She gets trashed and unrolls my socks
But I eat shrimps
You got the dope?
Yeah, for shiz
Hey, man, hey, listen
Man, I don't know if I'm able to talk to you if you got a stink booty
Nyah, nyah, nyah!
Kind sir, I am the evil stud-muffin
Oh really?
You bet
I got girls in my dreams
How do you feel about people who go "Hadouken!"
Hey, let's dance!
To music!
That's my jam, holmes
I've always wanted to work at a Renaissance Faire, Mr. Eddie
Dang it, Petey, don't ever call it a Renaissance Faire, all right?
Do you trust toothpaste?
Yeah, I think it's all right.
Go have your butt checked.
No, no thanks.
I bet that you were a vaguely hot woman
Back in your day
You been busy?
I'm working on a gravity belt!
Hey Jimmy, how's it going? All right?
Today, I had a cheesesteak
Then I got a Walkman
Like a fancy Walkman?
Kind of.
I mean, anyone who puts a slice of pizza on bread
is a Puka-Chay Puka-Chay
That's Aztec for "lazy farmer"
I looked on Wikipedia
Cool stuff!
Now I'm gonna touch you.
Do you want to hear your dad sing to you?
'Cause you know, I groove to Kanye's new stuff.
Look Petey,
I just want to comfort you
A nice massage and everything, okay?
No thank you, I don't —
I mean, I just don't —
"A zeeba, zooba, zizzoo bo bah"
That's what it sounds like you're saying right now.
Darth Vader is bad
And his assistant is a mouse
Mmmm, and he used the Force to fix all his cats
Yes, yes, he did
In the basement, I hid some tube socks.
And, that was just crazy. Who hides dumb tube socks?
Old viking dudes.
Tell me how you found the kitten meat.
What does that mean?
The kitten meat I put in my burgers everybody just ate?
What, they're just baby cats
Um, did that just happen?
I'm not feeling good
'Cause we should have not eaten kitten meat
Poor baby
You need a song
[singing] Little bunny bunny
You're so pretty and cute and you're precious to me
That's not doing much good.
You dress ratchet.
You're so mean, you're SO mean!
Well, you're a big toot!
Well, you jerk, at least I never kissed Johnny Schatzmann
He was a capricorn!
Your dog is eewie and it stinks!
Aww, come on!
Now I ask YOU a question,
You think they should make iPhones for babies? 'Cause I do
Hee ooh ohhhhh
The hotdog stand's got no ketchup.
Jazz hand.
We should start with the —
Okay, that's it.
Wait, no
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1741 Folder Collection
黃高登 published on November 12, 2014
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