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  • Male Speaker: Very nice to meet you guys. Now I'm a huge fan of the show and with

  • the recent NSA news it feels like the show is more of like a documentary, not so much fiction.

  • What are your thoughts on that?

  • Michael Emerson: Well we had a video presentation today in which scenes from

  • our show were intercut with live news footage from recent weeks and it fit

  • together seamlessly and it seemed like it was all one story.

  • Male Speaker: Now you guys have the best relationship on TV and I'd like to know

  • what makes it work. What's the secret?

  • Jim Caviezel: Opposites attract maybe. Michael Emerson: Yes, or we - I was about

  • to make some kind of flip answer but people might think I was being serious.

  • I don't know. You know chemistry is one of the

  • intangibles in show business. If you could bottle it or predict it or

  • make it happen you would be a billionaire

  • because it's such a tricky thing. And we have it, God help us, and no idea how.

  • I think we're both serious about our work and I think we're respectful of one

  • another, empathic with one another and I think it shows in the work.

  • I think we both feel each other's pain to have these big demanding roles where

  • everyday you get up and you wonder "Am I going to survive this work?" or make

  • a quality product of it.

  • Male Speaker: And one of the things that came out of last season was a personality

  • for the machine, right? So it's a character in and of itself.

  • But in your mind is it a he or she.

  • Jim Caviezel: It's an it in my opinion

  • and the technology - how can you trust?

  • If you have an issue with humans how can you - it's much more difficult to trust a machine.

  • What do you think? Michael Emerson: That idea of assigning

  • a gender to it I guess that would depend on

  • what mythological systems you subscribe to

  • or if it's biblical then you want to think in terms of a son but there are other ways

  • in which you might want to feminize it. I don't know.

  • I think Mr. Finch would go with it.

  • He's not ready to identify it as sentient.

  • Jim Caviezel: Is R2D2, you know I thought "Is it a boy?" Who knows?

  • It could be a girl. Male Speaker: I guess we'll never know.

Male Speaker: Very nice to meet you guys. Now I'm a huge fan of the show and with

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Person of Interest Season 3: Michael Emerson & Jim Caviezel Interview

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