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  • Hey everybody, I just want to do a quick review of the Foo Fighters new single that just got

  • released called Something from Nothing it's from their upcoming album Sonic Highways which

  • comes out November 10th So I just want to give a quick review of it. I think the first

  • thing you're going to notice when you first listen to the song is that the intro sounds

  • a lot like the song Skin and Bones from their 2005 album In Your Honor. In fact the actual

  • song gradually progresses to get heavier and heavier as the song goes on. When you get

  • to the 1:34 mark that's when the song gets a little bit heavier. When I was first listening

  • to it, I was like man this is really mellow for a Foo Fighters song and a lot softer than

  • I would expect for a single release, but that being said overall it's a pretty heavy song.

  • Around the 1:34 mark there's this guitar riff that comes in that sounds a lot like the song

  • Holy Diver by Dio and then as the song gradually progresses there is this funky kind of slap

  • bass put in the song that sounds a lot like something you'd hear in a Stevie Wonder song,

  • The funky part sounds kinda out of place. I love funk music, but it just seems weird

  • in a Foo Fighters song.

  • Then from their at the 3:26 mark the song transitions to get even heavier. If you've

  • been on youtube over the next couple months you've probably seen the countless commercials

  • for the Foo Fighters new album where it shows Dave Grohl getting a tattoo. I'm frankly sick

  • of the commercial. I've seen it thousands of times but the song you hear in the commercial

  • is the same song I am actually reviewing and if you've seen the HBO trailers for their

  • upcoming documentary it's the same song as well.

  • So that 3:26 mark I feel like the transition to get to the heavier part of the song just

  • feels awkward, it doesn't feel very smooth to me. That being said the last 1/3 or so

  • of the song is probably the best part of the song. It's extremely heavy, it's got Dave

  • Grohl screaming at the top of his lungs. It sort of reminds me of Monkey Wrench. That

  • scream towards the end of the song as well.

  • That being said overall its a pretty solid single. I don't feel it's as good as the singles

  • from their last album Wasting light which is one of my favourite albums from their catalog.

  • That being said I give it a 4/5 and check back in the next couple of weeks because I'll

  • have a full review of the entire album and I'd love to hear what you guys have to think

  • about the new single so comment in the section below and don't forget to subscribe. I'll

  • see you guys later.

Hey everybody, I just want to do a quick review of the Foo Fighters new single that just got

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