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It's time now for our beloved holiday tradition: Hey Jimmy Kimmel,
I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy.
-Last night we ate all your candy. -Why?
-Because it was good.
-You've ruined my life.
-Dear we ate it all while you're sleeping. -NO~~~~~~~
Oh, man. I want to eat it all. I'm gonna eat it all.
Jimmy Kimmel said I should eat all your candy.
Okay? Ok, I'm gonna eat it all. Yeah, I'm gonna eat it.
Ok, this is for me. Well let's see. Jimmy Kimmel said I should eat this too.
Ok, I'll take all your candy.
-All of it? -All of it. -Every single bite?
-Yeah. -You must have a bellyache.
I got hungry last night.
Eat an apple.
Daddy and I ate all of your candy.
Those aren't real drawers, buddy.
Get out!
We ate all the candy.
We'll get more next time. Don't worry.
I ate all your candy.
That's okay.
I've told you not to... I told you! I really like. Why didn't you eat something else?
-I was hungry. -Hey... -It's not funny! Shut up. Stop laughing.
- I was just joking, okay? ..... -Well still shut up and go to the other room. -Excuse me.
I told you !
You can never ever ever listen about candy.
Are you mad at me?
- The whole entire bag? Yes, I'm sorry. - It's okay...It's fine...
-It's fine? There's none left. -It's...it's fine. -Thank you.
Kids I got something to tell you. What?
Mommy and daddy ate all your Halloween candy.
XXXX you! Mother XXXXXX!
If you did get too much candy, and you want to do some the other...
bring it to our office you can donate it to the troops or you go to Operation Gratitude.com.They'll take the candy.
Take the candy from your kids and send it to other men and women overseas.
Yeah...until November 15 to sent it . Thanks to all the parents who participated,
and apologies to the children who participated it as well. Thank you both.
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YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2014

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Gisele Sung published on October 30, 2016    Gisele Sung translated    Sunny Hsu reviewed
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