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  • It's time now for our beloved holiday tradition: Hey Jimmy Kimmel,

  • I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy.

  • -Last night we ate all your candy. -Why?

  • -Because it was good.

  • -You've ruined my life.

  • -Dear we ate it all while you're sleeping. -NO~~~~~~~

  • Oh, man. I want to eat it all. I'm gonna eat it all.

  • Jimmy Kimmel said I should eat all your candy.

  • Okay? Ok, I'm gonna eat it all. Yeah, I'm gonna eat it.

  • Ok, this is for me. Well let's see. Jimmy Kimmel said I should eat this too.

  • Ok, I'll take all your candy.

  • -All of it? -All of it. -Every single bite?

  • -Yeah. -You must have a bellyache.

  • I got hungry last night.

  • Eat an apple.

  • Daddy and I ate all of your candy.

  • Those aren't real drawers, buddy.

  • Get out!

  • Ah...ah....................................

  • We ate all the candy.

  • We'll get more next time. Don't worry.

  • I ate all your candy.

  • That's okay.

  • I've told you not to... I told you! I really like. Why didn't you eat something else?

  • -I was hungry. -Hey... -It's not funny! Shut up. Stop laughing.

  • - I was just joking, okay? ..... -Well still shut up and go to the other room. -Excuse me.

  • I told you !

  • You can never ever ever listen about candy.

  • Are you mad at me?

  • - The whole entire bag? Yes, I'm sorry. - It's okay...It's fine...

  • -It's fine? There's none left. -It''s fine. -Thank you.

  • Kids I got something to tell you. What?

  • Mommy and daddy ate all your Halloween candy.

  • XXXX you! Mother XXXXXX!

  • If you did get too much candy, and you want to do some the other...

  • bring it to our office you can donate it to the troops or you go to Operation'll take the candy.

  • Take the candy from your kids and send it to other men and women overseas.

  • Yeah...until November 15 to sent it . Thanks to all the parents who participated,

  • and apologies to the children who participated it as well. Thank you both.

It's time now for our beloved holiday tradition: Hey Jimmy Kimmel,

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