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  • Love means never having to say you're sorry.

  • The quote may be famous, but we here Wellcast disagree.

  • The ability to pluck up the courage to sincerely apologize is one of the most important skills you learn in life and especially becomes handy with the people you love.

  • Of course ,apologizing can be terrifying.

  • It's the kind of thing you build up into a huge deal

  • the kind of thing you lose sleep over and perhaps continue to put it off

  • We all do . And this week we took a viewer suggestion from SpiloSpud

  • We're gonna walk you through that difficult awkward sweaty moment when you

  • have to take a deep breath and say I'm sorry. It turns out people who were able to bite the bullet and apologize

  • are emotionally healthier than those who can't . A study done at Grant mcewan

  • University and then found that people with low self esteem

  • feel worse after conflict and are less likely

  • to apologize for it. On the other hand, there's a strong correlation between strong self-esteem and the ability to apologize . Here's one more thing

  • a University of Illinois study found that people who apologized

  • tend to fare better financially than those who don't

  • Are you still putting it off? Alright! But just remember what William Shakespeare said

  • Cowards die many times before their deaths

  • What old Will means here is putting off an apology

  • is a lot more painful than actually apologizing

  • Let's get to our four steps, pause and print this worksheet

  • at watchwellcast dot com. Step 1:Assess the situation. Making this apology is gonna be like climbing a mountain

  • you wanna survey the trend and watch out for any big rocks and boulders that are

  • going to be especially hard to get over

  • so first on your wellcast worksheet, simply write down the whole story of what ever happened. For example

  • I came home late one evening after an exhausting day of work and my roommate was eating my doritos.

  • I completely blew up at her, she then proceeded to weep for two hours

  • Step 2 write out your game plan

  • and stick to it. We're big fans at scripting out what we're going to say beforehand here at wellcast

  • it takes a little bit of the nerves away from actually, you know, doing the thing.

  • So on your well cast worksheet try writing out a practice apology speech

  • make sure you hit the following points when you're giving your apology

  • Acknowledge what you did wrong and take responsibility for it

  • Hey I shouldn't have flipped out, all right , that was a completely unfair and ridiculous response to you eating my Doritos. Say a genuine I'm sorry, and don't tamper with any buts

  • this means none of this: I am sorry that you felt that way

  • or hey I'm sorry but you really need to respect my snack food. Hey, don't go overboard though

  • you shouldn't have to apologize for your whole existence

  • just be specific to the actual incident. Don't try to rationalize your actions

  • but don't be afraid of explaining your emotions at the time

  • be honest, have you been really stressed out lately?

  • have you for some reason developed a very emotional attachment to toritoes?

  • okay, as long as you're not using these reasons as justification for your actions

  • honesty can't hurt. Step 3: An apology should be a conversation

  • not a monologue. Yeah yeah yeah okay

  • I know I just told you to write down a script but that can only take you so far

  • after you say what you've prepared, allow them to express their feelings

  • and actually listen.

  • Step 4: Make amends

  • So technically the hard parts over right? You've actually broken the ice and said what you wanted to say

  • they've responded but you don't wanna fall into that category of talking the talk and not walking the walk

  • so at the end of your worksheet write down several ways that you're going to

  • make an effort to change your actions for the better

  • okay let's recap wellcasters .Today you learn four steps to getting up the courage to

  • actually give a sincere apology you learn to assess the situation like a mountaineer

  • write down your apology beforehand, engage in a fruitful conversation with the person to whom you're apologizing

  • and you learn how to try to keep yourself from making the same mistake again.

Love means never having to say you're sorry.

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How to Apologize

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