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(Asking random strangers for food in NYC.)
(1st attempt)
How are you doing, man?
Is it okay for you could spare a slice for me, please?
No, man
(2nd attempt)
Hi, how are you doing, man?
-What's up? -Can I please have a slice? I'm very hungry.
Sorry, but I can't. Not today.
Sorry for asking.
Enjoy your slice, uh?
(3rd attempt)
Excuse me, can I have an extra slice please? I'm hungry.
No, forget it.
Sorry for asking.
(A few hours later we had ET and Dennis give a homeless man pizza.)
How's going on, buddy?
How are you doing? We have a lot of, you know, slices, you want the rest?
Of course, thank you!
Here you go, man. Alright?
Take care, buddy.
(20 minutes later)
Hello, how are you doing?
I'm really hungry. It's hard out there man.
Can I have an extra slice?
Yeah, are you sure? You wouldn't mind? Appreciate it, man.
So hard out there.
I know how you feel, man.
I really thank you. Thank you so much.
I'm gonna get going. Thank you once again. I appreciate it so much. I wanna.... You're so generous to me. I wanna give you a nice little tip. Thank you.
God bless you, alright?
(The things we get in life can make us a living....)
(Things we give to people can make a life.)
(Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.)
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Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment)

18783 Folder Collection
彭彥婷 published on November 13, 2014    彭彥婷 translated    朱朱 reviewed
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