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  • [Old Marty] Oh, all right. Just wait your turn, son.

  • Grandma, when it's ready, could you just shove it in my mouth?

  • Now, don't you be a smart-ass.

  • Oh, great. The Atrocity Channel.

  • Hydrate level four, please.

  • [Bubbling, Bell Rings]

  • Mmm. Is it ready?

  • There you go. Oh, boy, oh, boy, Mom. You sure can hydrate a pizza.

  • I'm sorry. I missed that whole thing.

  • [Old Lorraine] Well, I'm just worried aboutJennifer.

  • Why isn't she home yet? I'm not sure whereJennifer is, Mom.

  • She should have been home hours ago, but... I want some fruit.

  • I'm having a hard time keeping track of her these days.

  • Fruit, please! She's in one of those moods, I guess.

  • Thank you. Aren't you andJennifer getting along?

  • Oh, yeah. Great, Mom. We're more like a couple of teenagers, you know?

  • - [Rings] - Dad, telephone. It's Needles.

  • Dad, it's for you.

  • All right, well, I'll take that in the den.

  • Excuse me. Retract.

  • Hello. In here, please.

[Old Marty] Oh, all right. Just wait your turn, son.

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Back to the Future Part 2 (5/12) Movie CLIP - The Future McFlys (1989) HD

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