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  • Dad!

  • What the fuck you doin' ?

  • Dad, you can't go back! Not now!

  • Look at the state of us. What we got to offer the poor sod ?

  • You can't do this! Not now!

  • Not after all this time! Not after everything we've been through!

  • It's for wee Billy! He may be a fuckin' genius for all we know! Fuck!

  • For fuck's sake, Dad! You can't do this!

  • Dad! Dad!

  • Tony! He's only 11 , for fuck's sake!

  • He's a kid. He's just a fuckin' little kid!

  • I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

  • Please. Please.

  • Please.

  • We're finished, son.

  • What choice have we got, eh ?

  • Let's give the boy a fuckin' chance! Please.

  • Please, don't do this. Dad, we'll find him some money.

  • We'll find it for him.

  • What the fuck is he doin', Tony ?

  • It's okay. He's gonna be okay.

  • Just get him out of here, Tony.

  • Away. Leave it. Go on.

  • Leave us. Leave us. Let's go home, Dad.


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Billy Elliot (8/12) Movie CLIP - Give the Boy a Chance! (2000) HD

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