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  • What the hell are you doing to my car?

  • Hey, beat it, spook. This don't concern you.

  • Who you calling spook, peckerwood?

  • THUG 2: Listen, guys...

  • ...I don't want to mess with no reefer addicts, okay?

  • MARVIN: Get home to your mama, boy.

  • THUG 1: Biff! THUG 2: Hurry, Biff!

  • MARTY: [Muffled] Let me out of here!

  • [Pounding and shouting]

  • Reginald, where are your keys?

  • MARTY: [Muffled] The keys are in the trunk.

  • MARVIN: Say that again? MARTY: I said, the keys are in here.

  • LORRAINE: [Muffled] Let me go!

  • BIFF: [Muffled] Come on!

  • Hey you, get your damn hands off...

  • [Sighing]

  • I think you got the wrong car, McFly.

  • George, help me! Please!

  • Just turn around, McFly, and walk away.

  • LORRAINE: Please, George. BIFF: Are you deaf?

  • BIFF: Close the door and beat it.

  • [Lorraine whimpering]

  • No, Biff. You leave her alone.

  • All right, McFly.

  • You're asking for it...

  • ...and now you're going to get it.

  • [George groaning]

  • Stop it!

  • Biff, you'll break his arm!

  • [Gasping]

  • LORRAINE: Biff, no!

  • MARVIN: Give me a hand here, Reginald.

  • [Exclaiming]

  • Damn it, man! I sliced my hand!

  • - Whose are these? - Mine.

  • Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  • You're going to break his arm!

  • Biff! Biff, leave him alone!

  • Let him go! Let him go!

  • [Biff laughing]

  • [Suspenseful instrumental music]

  • [Biff grunts]

  • [George panting]

  • Are you okay?

  • [Tender instrumental music]

  • Who is that guy?

  • That's George McFly.

  • That's George McFly?

  • Excuse me.

What the hell are you doing to my car?

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Back to the Future (8/10) Movie CLIP - You Leave Her Alone (1985) HD

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