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Oh, man... I don't wanna die to this song...
Hey, Irish... You know what kind of fish they have in Baku?
Negative, staff sergent.
Hey, Recker, Recker, you conscious?
Get back in the game, man, stay with me.
Nice play, Recker. That is some of the finest driving I've ever seen.
Right there until the end.
Hit the light, Pac.
The seat won't budge. You're not dead, Sergeant.
Irish, the worst thing to do in a situation like this, is panic.
Don't talk like that, you scare the crap out of me.
Pac,help me move this seat, man
We're still sinking!
shit! we get you out of here, Dunne.
you hear me?
How, man? The doors are stuck shut!
This wasn't how it was supposed to happen, Irish.
Recker,take my gun. It's yours now.
The fuck you thinkin', Dunn? The fuck you thinkin'?
For the wolf to survive, its gotta chew off on its leg.
Negative,don't do it!
Now, Recker! Shoot at the window.
That's an order!
Don't you fuckin' do it, Recker!
Save yourselves. Get out of here.
Get out of here!
That's fucking bullshit, you hear me?!
Shoot at the window or you all die!
Whoa, drop it! Dammit, Recker... I almost shot you in the face!
You lost your tail.
Ease up, Pac!
Where the hell've you been?
After the hand-off went pear-shaped, I came straight here.
They were Russians, right?
Spec Ops? One second, they're there; the next, they're not...
Take deep breaths, son. You got the intel?
Yeah, yeah, I got it Nice play.
Shit, it's already daylight.
You got a twenty on Irish?
We gotta get to the extraction point.
I thought he was with you.
Breaking radio silence. Tombstone 3, Tombstone Actual! What's your twenty?
Tombstone Actual,come bound from the north, coming in hot.
Requesting cover fire, on my retreat.
Alright there, we got ya.Recker, get up here! Get ready!
You got my ass? Pac, Recker, we gotta cover Irish!
Hold your fire!
Irish,there he is !!
Irish,watch out!!
fuck off me!
Recker! Hostiles in the windows across!
they got me
More incoming, see 'em?
Two more on the left. Drop 'em!
Irish, get up here!
Anything still moving?
Got 'em all! We're clear!
Give me your hand
You okay, Irish?
Fuck, man
I guess your safe house ain't so safe.
Tombstone, on the move.
Cleared this side of the train tracks...
Fortress, this is Tombstone Actual.
We got the package, but we stirred up a hornet's nest.
Moving towards extraction.
Roger that, Tombstone.
Helo's inbound
Get your squad into position. Out.
We're just one klick away.
That's the building! More like half a building.
Yeah. Two smokestacks. Straight across, let's go.
Where the heck is our luck?
Heads down, let 'em pass.
Fuck luck, they've seen us!
Hit the deck!
We gotta deal with that MG. Irish, Recker!
Affirmative! I'll draw their fire. You flank 'em, Reck.
Tombstone Actual, this is Fireboom 2-1 .we're inbound. What's your ETA?
Good to hear you, Hawkins. We are making progress.
Be advised, I'm reading multiple heat signatures ahead.
Got ya, Fireboom 2-1. Got more targets ahead!
Here they are! That's a lot of fucking Russians!
Fireboom 2-1, we might be running late
let me see what I can do.
In ready position. Just send me targets.
got your target.
Good job, Hawkins. You know we're down here, right?
That was pretty danger close!
Hey, you got more heat signatures on the ridge ahead.
Okay, give us your targets.
Copy that, engaging.
Nice shooting, Tombstone.
See you guys on the roof.
Don't keep me waiting.
Roger that, we'll be there.
Corners, guys. Double time it to the roof.
Rickety old place creeps me out.
That's a real shitty job of reminding me of home.
Keep quiet. Stay alert.
This shit is the best way up?
It's the fastest. No time to explore any options.
Wait 'til you see the terrace view.
Oh, I expect to be blown away—
Shut up. Eyes peeled.
Tombstone Actual, radar's lighting up.
We got hostile air!
Shit, she's right.
Over there—enemy helicopter!
Son of a bitch!
get up, get up! get up!get up!
Hold up!
Which floor is it?!
Think this is the top floor.
Now run!
Tombstone Actual, where the hell are you?
Top floor, running.
Building won't hold, Tombstone
It's backing off, done.
Get everyone in the chopper, now!
Get in here now.
The building's unstable!
No, Hawkins!
Stay back! I've lost control—!
it's falling apart!
shit, I'm hit! I'm hit!
I'm going down! I'm go—
Holy shit!
You okay, man?
Pac, any sign of Hawkins and the rest of the crew?
No one survived that! Ah...!
Get Dunn away from the wreckage!
Agh, I can't! He's—buried!
Try! I'm over here digging up Recker!
Aauh, my leg!
Oh man, oh man...
Jesus Christ, his leg was like pop sauce...!
You're gonna be fine, Dunn.
You're gonna be okay, man. We're gonna get you out!
Pac, the fuel!
Yeah I know, I know!
Stop! Recker, cover me!
Get out. Get out, now! Get out!
Please, please, I'll help you. Please—!
No, no! No, you have to get out of here.
It's not safe!
Fuckin' civilians...
Recker, I need your knife!
What for, Staff Sergeant?
You gotta cut the leg!
You gotta do what?!
Recker, come here!
Get over there, Recker, I got this. Go!
Recker, I need your help!
A wolf stuck in a trap, it'll...chew off on its own leg to survive.
C'mon! The bone's powdered; it's just flesh and uniform keepin' me here!
Do it, cut it now!
We gotta go!
Is he dead?
He's not dead, he's just passed out.
You got a Combat Life Saver mention; you should know this, Pac!
It was like a three-hour course!
Incoming! Down, down!
Let's go! Let's go!
Chopper's comin' back around, let's go!
You're gonna be okay, Dunn.
You're gonna be okay! We're gonna get you out!
You're gonna be okay! He's gonna be okay, right?
He's the boss; you're damn right he's gonna be okay!
Let's go! Recker, take the wheel!
Step on it, Recker! Let's go!
Fortress, this is Tombstone! Our evac is gone!
We need another way out. Do you copy?
Fortress is tracking you. Secondary extraction inbound.
Follow the road, 3 klicks west.
Speed up, Reck! Dunn's goin' into shock!
You see that? Watch out!
Oh, that was too close...
Step on it, dammit!
Uh, it's lighting up!
Ah, fuck no!
Burn those motherfuckers!
Yeah, Tombstone retrieved the intel.
The Russians would be loyal to Admiral Cheng.
Confirms our report from an asset in China.
So, Staff Sergeant Dunn was KIA for...
somethin' we already knew.
You have your orders, Captain.
Affirmative. Steamin' towards east coast to China.
You'll back me up, right?
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《戰地風雲 4》17 分鐘「Fishing in Baku」官方實機畫面揭露 中英字幕對照

2361 Folder Collection
Rap Frank published on November 1, 2014
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