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Perhaps one of the most interesting words
in the English language
today is the word "Fuck."
Out of all of the English words
that begin with the letter "F",
"Fuck" is the only word
that is referred to as the "F" word.
It's the one magical word,
just by it's sound can describe:
Pain, Pleasure, Hate and Love.
"Fuck" as most words in the
English language is derived from German
the word "Frichen" which means: to strike.
In English "Fuck" falls
into many grammatical categories.
As a transitive verb for instance:
"John fucked Shirley."
As an intransitive verb:
"Shirley fucks."
It's meaning's not always sexual.
It can be used as an adjective, such as:
"John's doing all the fucking work."
As part of an adverb:
"Shirley talks too fucking much."
As an adverb enhancing an adjective:
"Shirley is fucking beautiful."
As a noun:
"I don't give a fuck."
As part of a word:
And, as almost every word in a sentence:
"Fuck the fucking fuckers."
As you must realize there aren't too many words
with the versatility of fuck.
As these examples describing situations such as:
"I got fucked at the used car lot."
"Ah, fuck it."
"I guess I'm really fucked now."
"Don't fuck with me buddy."
"I don't understand this fucking question."
"Who the fuck was that?"
"I don't like what the fuck is going on here."
"He's a fuck-off."
"Why don't you go outside
and play hide and go fuck yourself."
I'm sure you can think of many more examples.
With all these multi-purpose applications,
how can anyone be offended when you use the word.
We say use this unique,
flexible word more often in your daily speech.
It will identify the quality
of your character immediately.
Say it loudly and proudly.
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Using Proper English - Episode 12 Full HD 1080p

11741 Folder Collection
Ivy Huang published on November 1, 2014    Clément translated    Amber reviewed
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