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British English v.s. American English pronunciation.
From espressoEnglish.net you might be able to recognize a British accent or an American accent.
But do you know the details of the pronunciation differences?
This lesson will teach you some of the major differences between British and American English.
Although there are some variations depending on what region of the country the speakers from
British and American English have some differences
in the stress of certain words. Listen to the pronunciation.
First the British English and then the American English.
adult adult
ballet ballet
brochure brochure
garage garage
vaccine vaccine
advertisement advertisement
hospitable hospitable
Some words ending in ''i'', ''l'', ''e'' are also different.
agile agile
fertile fertile
hostile hostile
mobile mobile
versatile versatile
The sound of the letter ''a'' is also different in some words
where the British pronounce it ''a'' and the Americans pronounce it ''a''.
listen to the differences.
bath bath
laugh laugh
class class
chance chance
ask ask
after after
can't can't
example example
The sound of the letter ''r'' is also a little bit different.
The ''r'' is pronounced stronger in American English.
Listen to the differences.
hard hard
were were
ear ear
pure pure
more more
chair chair
bar bar
Words ending in ''ization'' are also pronounced differently.
civilization civilization
organization organization
authorization authorization
globalization globalization
The verb form of all these words
''n'' and ''i'' in both British
and American English is pronounced globalize, but
British English continues this same pronunciation
in the noun form globalization
and American English changes the sound
the letter ''i'' globalization
Finally the ''t'' sound in the middle of the word can be different
in British and American English in this situation
Americans often pronounce the letter ''t'' like
a quick ''d'' sound. Listen to the difference.
better better
water water
hated hated
writing writing
bottom bottom
native native
artificial artificial
notice notice
If you want to improve your pronunciation and spoken English in the next 30 days,
register for the American English pronunciation course.
Beginning April 15th espressoEnglish.net.
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British English vs. American English: Pronunciation

38651 Folder Collection
Gisele Sung published on November 6, 2014    Gisele Sung translated    Zoan reviewed
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