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  • Listen, I’m not a gear head. I don’t know anything about makes or models or engine sounds,

  • and I certainly don’t care about Vin Diesel. To say I’m outside this game’s core audience

  • would be an understatement, and yet...I couldn’t stop playing the damn thing. Every race had

  • me at the edge of my seat, every police pursuit made my knuckles go white...every stupid dubstep

  • track had mebwow bwow-inglouder than an engine spewing pure, unadulterated badass

  • straight into the ozone layer.

  • Want to know how good this game is? It made me wish my car had nitrous oxide.

  • And I don’t even know what that is.

  • Yeah, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a racing game, but it’s also the video game equivalent

  • of a developer strutting around in a robe while drinking liquidized gold and smacking

  • b*tches with rare comic books. The point is the team over at Criterion has gotten to the

  • point where theyre just showing off. Theyre like Ric Flair circa 1987. Styling, profiling

  • and making everyone else just plain look bad.

  • Wooo!!!

  • That was actually the first word in the press release.

  • Dead serious.

  • So if you follow Need For Speed, you know Most Wanted was originally released in 2005.

  • It may seem odd for a game that’s only seven years old to be rebooted, but hey, Criterion

  • does what they please. And they have created something truly special in the process. This

  • is an exceptionally beautiful, seamless and...empowering racer.

  • And really, that all starts with the setting. Youre a newcomer to the city of Fairhaven,

  • where street racing is dominated by a group called the Most Wanted. If you want in, you

  • have to prove yourself...not only by conquering the Most Wanted, but by conquering the city

  • itself. The place is so massive and sprawling, it’s almost overwhelming...but it also feels

  • alive. In fact, the city kind of becomes the game’s primary character.

  • Like this alluring villain you can never escape.

  • Fairhaven sure looks good, too. In fact, the game is just stunning. There’s so much visual

  • polish and detail, you almost hate speeding by without stopping to enjoy the scenery.

  • And one of the best things about Most Wanted is that there are no loading times in Fairhaven.

  • So the entire city is one seamless, completely open world.

  • It really is this ultimate urban playground for car racing.

  • And speaking of the cars, youll be happy to know theyre pretty slick, too. The game

  • includes more than 40 vehicles, and theyre all yours...provided you find them. Theyre

  • scattered throughout the city, and with a quick press of a button, theyre yours to

  • race, paint, upgrade...and destroy. They all handle differently, but generally speaking,

  • the game’s driving mechanics are absolutely top-notch. It’s a blast to drive them.

  • In fact, this entire game is a blast to play. The freedom youre afforded combined with

  • the focus on connectivity and the sheer amount of stuff to do...make it really addictive.

  • It’s so easy to get lost in Fairhaven and play for hours, racing rivals and getting

  • under the copsskin. I’m no vagrant street racer, but even I enjoyed my stay.

  • In Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Listen, I’m not a gear head. I don’t know anything about makes or models or engine sounds,

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