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Homer, I have gotten you the most important gift a man your age can get.
You're having your boobs embiggoned? You don't have to, they're fine just the way they will be.
No you're getting a colonoscopy.
Oh, that's wonderfull... Pardon me for a moment...
colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the large...
Doh, I don't understand.
They stick a camera up your ah-ow, but this time you won't be doing it to win a bar bet.
That bar bet paid for the camera removal.
Welcome to the Mayo Clinic.
Mmmm, Mayo...
I'm glad you're here Homer.
Early detection can lead to complete removal of tumerous polyps and ....
Are we gunna' talk or make a movie?
Now, Homer, breath into this mask...
(snoring sounds)
He's asleep, I almost feel guilty about charging for the anesthesia...Almost.
Will he be alright doctor?
Listen I've done hundreds of these and ...Good Lord!
This ass is why I became a doctor!
This is my Sistine chapel, this is my Moby Dick, this is my Sargent Peppers...
How did that get in there?
That's his wedding band.
He told me he was getting it polished.
According to this he has three active polyps.
Now comes the fun part.
You cut them out?
Oh, we don't use that term, we prefer rip.
(trumpet sounds)
I feel great.
Once there was a mountain, now there is a breeze.
(Hallelujah chorus)
Let's take this new colon out for a spin..
To Crusty Burger!
Wait, Mr Simpson, the camera is still inside you!
I'll return it after Lisa's recital.
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Homer's Colonoscopy

7231 Folder Collection
Zenn published on April 11, 2013
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