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  • Hi everyone, Happy Moon Festival! -中秋节快乐 [ zhōng qiū jié kuài lè ]!

  • Moon festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, is on August 15 according to the Chinese Lunar

  • calendar. Chinese people will get together with their family members and share this special

  • moment under the full moon night. Chinese people call it 中秋节 [zhōng qiū jié],

  • which is also celebrated in many Asian countries. So what do Chinese people do to celebrate

  • this festival? Traditionally, family would get together to have a family reunion dinner,

  • followed by sharing moon cakes as a dessert, or some family would stay out and do moon

  • watching. Speaking of dessert, have you ever tasted moon cake before? A moon cake is a

  • type of Chinese baked good that Chinese people eat on Moon Festival. It comes with a nice

  • package since it is often a gift from family to family, friends to friends and even employees

  • to employers.

  • The most common and popular moon cake is this. When you look closer, you see the shape of

  • moon cakes are always round or square. It s because Chinese people see a moon cake as

  • a unity of family. And the way we cut a moon cake is the same as cutting a pizza. You can

  • see the stuffing. This is a lotus seed paste moon cake 莲蓉月饼 [ lián róng yuè

  • ng ]. The yellow part is yolk from a duck egg. And guess what? Double yolks are preferred

  • since it can be sure that each slide contains a bit of yolk. Sounds interesting, right?

  • A Moon cake is a heavy dessert so we have to share it with others. Or healthy people

  • who want to keep the tradition but worry about the calories in a moon cake may prefer snowy

  • moon cakes, called 冰皮月饼 [bīngyuè bǐng ] or fruit moon cakes 水果月饼

  • [shuǐ guǒ yuè bǐng] instead. What about coffee moon cake 咖啡月饼 [ kā fēi yuè

  • ng ] ? me old fashioned, but among all the choices, I still like the traditional

  • moon cake 莲蓉月饼 [ lián róng yuè bǐng ]. Come and experience this special

  • holiday in China when you get a chance. Or share our Moon cake tradition with people

  • you love. Enjoy moon watching wherever you are.

  • Happy Moon Festival! -中秋节快乐 [ zhōng qiū jié kuài lè ]!

Hi everyone, Happy Moon Festival! -中秋节快乐 [ zhōng qiū jié kuài lè ]!

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Mid Autumn Festival 2014 in China - Happy Moon Cake Festival

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