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[Background music playing.] We're at the Avenue of Stars here and a Symphony
of Lights show is just about to begin. We better walk fast in order to get a good spot.
Wait, can I gather my thoughts first. So we already saw the Symphony of Lights Show
once before when we took a tour of the harbor. We just finished our bus tour and we've been
let off at the Avenue of the Stars, so we're going to grab a spot and watch the show from the land.
[Background music playing.]
The Avenue of stars features many special statues. None more iconic than the Bruce Lee
one. Who is Bruce Lee? I don't think I've ever seen a film of his.
[Background music playing] As you can see there is a huge audience here
all lined up waiting to see a Symphony of Lights show.
[Background music playing] The world's longest running light and lazer
show. Music playing and crowd cheering.
[Background music playing] Music, cheering, and clapping.
[Background music playing] Rock music performance.
[Background music playing] Yeah! Woo Hoo!
[Background music playing] Music playing.
Violin playing. I think of Ace Ventura when I hear this song.
We ended up having to wait two hours to get a table here in the Tea Salon. Initially they
told us it would only be a one hour wait but by the time one hour had passed we had waited
so long that we figured it was probably worth it to stay and now Sam is not very pleased.
He's looking at me with evil eyes. Are you freaking kidding me. Sam is hiding
behind the camera because he's so angry that he had to wait for two hours. That now I'm
being punished by having to be on camera all alone.
Okay, so if your'e looking to go afternoon tea in Hong Kong. The Peninsula is the place
to come. This is the oldest hotel in all of Hong Kong and it's super popular. The lineups
really speak for themselves. [background music playing.]
Symphony orchestra. Mmmm, so I got myself a nice little tea cup
of mango tea. And it smells like fresh mangoes. So good. Mmmm, tropical.
[Background music playing] We've already dug into the food. We couldn't
help it. If you go to the bottom here we have the scones which we can eat with the clotted
cream and jam. Over here we have some nice finger sandwiches with salmon, cucumber and
up top we have the cakes and the macaroons and lots of other treats.
So here I'm preparing my scones with clotted cream and jam. This is a favorite of mine.
Whenever I go to London to visit my friend Rebecca I always end up staying at her house
and I eat scones with clotted cream and jam three times a day. I eat it for breakfast,
for lunch and also for my late night snack. So I always get fat when I go over there.
[Symphony music playing. Background music playing.]
The food was amazing. I think it was definitely worth the two hour wait. Although, I would
have preferred not having to wait that long. Some favorites were the little lemon meringue
tarts in a chocolate shell. Plus I really liked the scones with the clotted cream. Then
they had sandwiches with salmon that were amazing. So I'm a happy girl. So I think it's
kind of funny that we had to wait two hours in line but it only took us 30 minutes to
finish off all of the food in front of us. That doesn't make sense.
Background music playing. We are visiting Victoria Peak. One thing I
find fascinating about Hong Kong is that they use bamboo scaffolding to make buildings.
Unbelievable and it works. Background music playing.
So we're on the tram now and we're traveling all the way up to Victoria Peak and it's really
steep. Background music playing.
Well, well what do you think? We're so high up it's scary. I'm not going near the edge.
Background music playing. So we took the tram all the way up and it
was a bit of a scary ride because it is super steep and you're kind of leaning back in your
seat kind of holding on to the rail in front of you. But we survived and the views are
pretty impressive. Like once we got up here we had to go through a mall like just several
levels and now we're up here on top and it's a beautiful sunny day. It's nice. How many
time have you been here? This is my second time here. My first time here was 2008. My
very first time I went backpacking, so that's a long time ago. Has it changed a lot? Well,
there is some new buildings obviously yeah. So the skyline has changed a little bit but
when I came before it was late at night and this place was packed. It's nice to come around
this of day between say four and six o'clock because there is hardly anyone here. We can
find little quiet areas to just rest in the shade. It's great. Hong Kong without a doubt
has the most impressive skyline I've ever seen. Just phenomenal.
Background music playing.
Background music playing. There are many ways to get around Hong Kong.
This is the Star Ferry. It's super convenient. It's a boat that comes by roughly every seven
minutes. It's really cheap. You just hop on and it takes you from Kowloon to Hong Kong
Island or vice versa. Background music playing.
Well, we made it to Hong Kong and tonight we're going to be taking a fun tour around the harbor where
we're going to see some amazing views of the Hong Kong skyline.
Background music playing. I've got my glass of wine. White wine and
I'm ready to enjoy the views. background music playing.
Every night here in Hong Kong there is a Symphony of Lights show that starts at eight o'clock
and it's really spectacular. All of the buildings light up and there is these lasers that are
shooting off and music. It's not to be missed. Background music playing.
We had a great time on the Aqua Luna. It was awesome to see all of the different sights
and the buildings all lit up with the light show and we got to enjoy that with a nice
glass of wine. It was my first time in Hong Kong and I thought
the views were unbeatable so I definitely recommend it if you're in the city.
So it's finally a beautiful sunny day here in Hong Kong, so today we're visiting Hong
Kong Park. Background music playing.
So it's one hundred and five steps to the top. We're going to show you some views of
Hong Kong and I'm going to beat because he's too slow.
Background music playing. It was definitely worth climbing up all those
stairs even though I lost because these are some of the best free views of the city.
background music playing. I'm kind of hoping Sam gets wet here. Get
wet Sam. background music playing.
So we got to Hong Kong about three days ago and it had been raining non-stop for those
three days but now the skies have finally cleared so it's really nice to be able to
walk around and enjoy the park.. Background music playing.
Oh, it's too fat. Oh! That squirrel is in trouble.
It's so funny. So we've signed up to take part in a few different
cultural activities while we're here in Hong Kong and today we're doing a Chinese tea appreciation
ceremony. This is taking place in Hong Kong Park. There is a little tea house just in
the center of the park and it's absolutely free of charge. You just need to sign up in
advance through the Hong Kong Tourism board. background music playing.
So today we're doing a Sampan boat tour in an area known as Aberdeen outside of central
Hong Kong. This is an area that is home to the Tangka people or the boat people who actually
live aboard these little ships, so it'll be an interesting outing.
And there are over six hundred junk boats still in this area. Some of them enjoy modern
amenities such as internet and tv. Background music playing.
Background music playing.
Background music playing. We're hungry in Hong Kong and that can only
mean one thing. We're going out for lunch and we're going to eat dim sum.
So we're going to be eating at Tim Ho Wan it's a Michelin Star restaurant here in Mong
Kok in Hong Kong and it's one of our favorite places. We've been here, I don't know, maybe
five times in the span of week, so we're going to show you what you can get inside.
Background music playing. So they have a pretty cool menu over here.
Thankfully it's in English not just Chinese, so when you first sit down at the table you
just check-off the food items you'd like to order, you specify a quantity and then they
bring it to your table as it is ready. Background music playing.
Tasty Pu-erh tea from Yunnan Province, it's a dark fermented tea.
My oh my, all of the food is arriving at once and over here we have a special little package
with sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf and this rice comes with beef and chicken. It's
really tasty. One of our favorites. Steaming hot.
Background music playing. This is going to be hot. Hahaha!
Oh, it is hot. I need a second to tell you about it. So yeah, this sticky rice is really
good. I think it's actually called glue rice on the menu and it just has a very sticky
consistency as you can see. You can just pick it up with chopsticks and it's been cooked
with meat and chicken, so it has a nice meaty flavor to it.
Out of all the different kinds of dim sum I've ever tried this is probably one of the
most filling by far. Background music playing.
Well, we certainly polished that off except for the bone.
So next up I'm trying the glutinous rice dumping filled with meat. It's been deep-fried. Ow,
hot. Everything is hot. Mmmmm. Well, you can't see the inside right now but it does have
meat. Let me prove it. You can see it there. Mmmm. Looks good. It's like a ball of sticky
rice with meat inside. Background music playing.
And when it comes to dim sum this is my all-time personal favorite the barbecue pork bun. But
this is a special variety of it baked barbecue pork bun. So, bite time. Mmmmm. Show us the
inside. Ooooh, look at that barbecue pork. Yum. It's just so sweet and flavorful. The
inside. The barbecue pork bun. And the outside of the bun it's so delicately crispy. Well,
we've got one more dish coming. It is called tonic and pedelar cake. How does that sound
to you? MMMMnnnn. Let me correct you on that. It's called tonic, medlar and petal cake as
in flower petals. So I'm not really sure what to expect maybe something that tastes like
perfume. And it was from the dessert section. Background music playing.
I really hope Iike it. It's cold. Like gelatin. Sweet like honey.
Michelin star quality that even a cheapskate extraordinaire can afford. Lets see the total.
So that is 77 Hong Kong dollars which is just under 10 US dollars.
So we're back on the Big Bus again this time we're doing a night tour and I'm really excited
about this one especially because Hong Kong really shines at night. It's an amazing city
by day but there is just something spectacular about it at night time.
Delicious double chocolate brownie cookies. Best enjoyed on top of
a double decker bus. Hahaha. [Background music playing.]
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Things to do in Hong Kong China | Top Attractions Travel Guide

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Ashley Chen published on October 20, 2014    Ciara Chang translated    Amber reviewed
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