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How to Use Hand Signals on a Bicycle. Bicycles don't come with turn signals and brake lights.
Fortunately, there's already a universal language for indicating turns and stops on a bike.
You will need Helmet Left arm and bike. Step 1. Learn how to signal a left turn. About
50 yards before the turn, take your left hand off the handlebars and extend it to the left,
perpendicular to your body. These signals apply to countries where motorists and cyclists
drive on the right side of the road. For countries that use the left side of the road, check
with local cycling organizations or direct.gov.uk. Step 2. Hold your hand open and point it in
the direction you're turning. Keeping your arm extended, start riding from the right
shoulder of the street to the left side of the lane. Once you reach the intersection,
turn left. Don't assume that cars behind you have noticed your hand signal. Always glance
backwards quickly before you initiate your turn to check for traffic. Step 3. Know how
to signal a right turn. About 25 yards before you turn right, raise your left hand with
the elbow bent 90 degrees, your hand pointing skyward, and your left arm forming an "L."
Check for traffic before entering the intersection to turn. It's also acceptable to extend your
right arm perpendicular to your body to signal a right turn. Step 4. Learn the signal for
a stop. About 50 yards before you come to a stop, raise your left elbow until it is
perpendicular to your body. Point your fingers down to the pavement, palm facing the traffic
or riders behind you, so your arm forms a reverse "7." Hold this position until you
come to a stop. Step 5. Know the signal for a group of riders. If you are riding with
a group behind you, signal drivers in front of you by raising your left hand straight
above your head, palm forward. Did you know Drivers and motorcyclists whose turn signals
and brake lights aren't working can also use the same signals.
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How to Use Hand Signals on a Bicycle

1734 Folder Collection
Peter Yang published on October 18, 2014
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