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Meet nurse Polly
Polly became a nurse because she cares about people
People like Paul
When Polly was in training,
she had fewer patients to take care of,
Paul loved to eat meat
and didn’t mind sharing a TV
Today, paperwork eats up a lot of Polly’s time,
patient numbers are increasing,
and Paul has become particular about his needs
Like Polly, we care about Paul
But we care about Polly too!
That’s why we’ve designed bedside smart terminals
that benefit care staff as well as patients
They’ re safe, quiet, easy to clean
and installation is simple! Once installed,
the terminals connect to the hospital and communication network
This way, Polly can access Paul’s medical records... securely
at his bedside At the touch of a button, she knows about
his drug allergies, prescriptions and test results!
She can play educational videos to explain procedures and treatment plans
And when Dr Smith comes by, he’ll pull up Paul’s chest X-rays or scans
right at the bedside to talk over the results
Meanwhile, Paul can choose his own vegetarian meal,
fill out a satisfaction survey,
and find things to do in the hospital
He can play games,
watch TV,
order a film,
surf the Internet,
and stay in touch with family and friends
Everyone’s happy
Even Polly’s boss, who won’t be wasting money on staff doing paperwork or taking meal orders
He might even find new revenue streams, from advertising for example!
The benefits are obvious For Polly,
it’s reduced workload For Dr Smith,
it’s better consultations For Paul,
it’s more comfort And for Polly’s boss,
it’s cost savings and extra revenue
But most importantly,
it’s better quality of care
for all of us To find out more, visit barco.com
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Barco bedside terminals boost interactive patient care

5520 Folder Collection
Peiyu Chuang published on October 17, 2014
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