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Women decide whether or not they like a guy within 15 minutes of meeting them.
That's a full 14 minutes and 59 seconds longer than YouTube viewers.
Welcome to DNews, I’m Ross Everett. Women’s intuition, aside from being the name of my
new fragrance line, is a very powerful thing. Not unlike my new fragrance line.
From the moment a woman lays eyes on a possible mate they're analyzing their traits, deciding
“Do I want my offspring to have these?”
How do we knows this? Well, findings from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio
has been doing experiments on the brains of… fruit flies.
Ross, are you saying that women have the brains of fruit flies? Not at all… men do too.
Here's a fun little factoid: fruit flies are often used for research because they share 60 percent of human genes. So when someone says you have a flea brain, they're not far off.
Our brains share six of the same chemicals that transmit messages as well as have the
same division of regions that process sound, sight and smell.
Think about that next time you're about to make a big decision.
When studying these fruit fly brains, scientists identified one single gene that, when mutated,
rendered a female completely incapable of deciding on a mate - even when a male is trying really hard.
The poor guy.
You're not gonna get it. It's already been decided
From there, scientists were able to map this courtship gene to a small number of excitatory neurons
located in just three distinct regions of the brain - two of which, they never even
knew had anything to do with mating behavior.
So it's that tiny number of neurons that help a lady-fly decide whether she's impressed
by all of his dancing, and singing and pheromone-releasing. And if it takes a male any longer than 15 minutes to win her over,
That's pretty much a "no".
So, if you want to get a big consensual YES from a partner, remember to always
put your most exciting foot forward. And if you get rejected, maybe it's not you, maybe it's just her
excitatory neurons are just malfunctioning.
Do you find yourself gravitating towards more exciting options? Let me know in the comments down below.
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And also, if you would like to hear about the changes to California's sexual consent law,
You can check out this video where I lay it all out loud in the simplest of ways.
Well, now in California there flipping no means no on it's head and throwing it's legs over their shoulders
consensually, of course, as they've embraced a new position on what it means to give consent.
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Men Only Have 15 Minutes To Impress A Woman!

68925 Folder Collection
Gisele Sung published on April 19, 2015    Gisele Sung translated    Resa Sui reviewed
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