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Where did Halloween come from?
turns out it has been with us a long time. It started as an ancient pre-christian Celtic festival
of the dead, see for the Celts back then, November 1st was their new years that was the day that they switched from fall to winter
also the time of the year of the day believed the veil between the world of living and the world of dead was at its' thinnest
that meant the dead could hang out with the living
that's not comfortable for anybody, they had a festival called "Samhain"
was the most significant holiday of their entire year
they believe it was on Samhain, the souls of all the people that died that year finally travel to the other world to help them get there
the living people lit bonfires to honor the dead
to help them along the journey and also to keep them away from the living
in the early centuries at the first millennium Christian missionary showed up, they wanted to change the religious practice of the Celts
but rather than just obliterate the existing pagan holidays such as Samhain
they tried to transform it. So what the missionaries did was basically say ,hey all those the supernatural DD's that you worship their evil
they're demonic, they're spirits, they're scary . Then they slapped the new Christian holiday on November 1st
"All Saints Day". So now everyone was supposed to worship the Saints on November 1st instead of the dead during the festival Samhain
it didn't work. All Saints Day became known as All Hallows
but it was the night before All Hallows ,the eve of all Hallows
people continue to celebrate in the spirit of Samhain as a time of wondering dead. Eventually All Hallows Eve
became Hallow Evening which eventually became Halloween.
Basically ancient Celtic pre-christian New Year celebration that over the last couple thousand years lost its peak in the context and transformed into one of the largest secular holidays of modern times
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Where did Halloween Come From?

39248 Folder Collection
Sunny Hsu published on October 30, 2014    Sunny Hsu translated    Gisele Sung reviewed
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