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how are powder coatings made?
making powder coatings is in three stage process. At the prestige premix ng
we selecting makes the raw material cd to produce a powder coating
the wide variety of additives pigments and cheering agents available allows us
to deliver the specific properties and performance required by our customers
during the extrusion stage the mix is heated up in order to activate the resin
hardened has
at this stage the power to melts to form a homogeneous liquid substance which is
then cold and load it into a king sheet
this sheet is then broken into smaller chips
in the final stage we feed the chips into a grinding machine that grinds them
into a fine powder
this process is referred to as mike realizing
because the size of the party particles is critical to our customers application
the princess is tightly regulated
because it has been saved to make sure the particles attitude big or too small
to not contaminate the final product which is then ready for packaging and
shipping to the customer
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How is a powder coating made?

2325 Folder Collection
翁文懋 published on October 15, 2014
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