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  • Look at you, my little deathtrap.

  • Seeing you in this uniform brings back so many terrible memories, doesn't it, Tish?

  • Yes.

  • Why don't you boys wait in the car?

  • Wednesday and I need a moment.

  • Pugsley.

  • You're soft and weak.

  • You'll never survive without me.

  • I give you two months, tops.

  • I'm gonna miss you too, sis.

  • Any plans you have of running away end right now.

  • I've alerted all family members to contact me the minute you darken their doorstep.

  • You have nowhere to go.

  • As usual, you underestimate me, Mother.

  • I will escape this educational penitentiary.

  • And you will never hear from me again.

  • You're a brilliant girl, Wednesday.

  • But sometimes you get it in your own way.

  • I'm sure you'll grow to love Evermore.

  • And find it as life-changing as I did.

  • Oh.

  • I got you a little something.

  • W.

  • M.

  • Our initials.

  • It's made of obsidian.

  • Which Aztec priests used to count revisions.

  • It's a symbol of our connection.

  • Which one of your spirits suggested this toe-curling tchotchke?

  • I am not you, Mother.

  • I will never fall in love, or be a housewife, or have a family.

  • I'm told girls your age say hurtful things.

  • I shouldn't take it to heart.

  • Fortunately, you don't have one.

  • Finally, a kind word for your mother.

  • Lurch, the crystal ball, please.

  • Now, we can't talk to you for the first week while you're settling in.

  • So we'll call you next Sunday.

  • Don't worry, my love.

  • Our little scorpion will be alone.

Look at you, my little deathtrap.

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