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  • It's called embryo adoption, and the more you learn about it, the more it feels like a scientific miracle.

  • At least that's how the Millers describe it after a decade of trying.

  • They are so funny.

  • Dalton is like little Mr. Personality, like he's a smile that just takes up his whole face.

  • Mary Elizabeth is our little independent gal.

  • They may look like just a couple of happy babies, but these two have a story different than most.

  • No one ever suspects or assumes that they're going to have difficulty, so it kind of caught us off guard.

  • Mary Leah and Rodney Miller hoped to have children a few years into their marriage.

  • In a year of us naturally trying to conceive, we were referred to a fertility clinic.

  • One in six couples experience the same challenges.

  • The Millers tried in vitro fertilization, which is successful in about 60% of cases.

  • Just not the Millers.

  • But the first time we went in for a transfer, I was told there would not be one.

  • That was the most crushing moment of the 10-year journey, that initial IVF cycle.

  • And it took that decade to even hear whispers of the idea of embryo adoption.

  • We had no idea that embryo adoption was a thing.

  • Embryo adoption is where you adopt the embryos of another couple who has gone through IVF.

  • They explained the two main reasons why couples would put embryos up for adoption.

  • Their families are full or a health complication leads them to stop their IVF journey.

  • So they do not want to destroy them or discard them.

  • They were immediately drawn to the idea.

  • It really allowed us to do the two things that we were wanting to do.

  • Number one, it allowed us to adopt, but it also allowed me to carry our children.

  • The second we got off the phone with them, we just knew this could be our journey.

  • And it was, leading them to get matched with a couple.

  • It's just, and I'm going to cry, I cry every time we do this.

  • It's just an honor to have somebody say, I want you to have my embryos, and I want you to be the mother of my genetic children.

  • And so to receive that match and to have somebody think that you're worthy of having their genetic children, of carrying their children, is just the highest honor.

  • When doctors implanted two embryos to bring up the likelihood of a pregnancy, they got a surprise.

  • Twins.

  • We were on a cloud for nine months and never came down, I guess, just because this is what we had waited so long for.

  • And even now that, I guess, they're almost 11 months old, and yet still just as exciting as the first day.

  • Now they hope to educate other couples going through a similar journey.

  • We're just excited to get to raise them and see them, they grow and flourish, and just the path that the Lord had intended for their little lives.

  • And after all that, they tell me their only regret is that they didn't know about it sooner.

  • Oliviana Kelmeys, WBRC, Fox 6 News, on your side.

It's called embryo adoption, and the more you learn about it, the more it feels like a scientific miracle.

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