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  • Animator vs. Animation 4

  • But this stick figure wasn't called "The Chosen One" for nothing

  • he somehow figured out how to get my stick figure on his side

  • so they teamed up and... destroyed my computer

  • blue screen of death, fried motherboard

  • are you serious??

  • yup. so i had no choice but to get a new computer

  • all because of a stick figure I made

  • do you think it'll happen again?

  • well it's been 3 years and nothing's happened

  • Alan!

  • Yeah?

  • Can you come here for a second?

  • Okay.

  • hang on

  • oh hey I have to go get the laundry, I will talk to you later.

  • TheSecondComing.exe

  • The Chosen One's Return

  • The Second Coming is not responding

  • The action cannot be completed because the program is too resistant.

  • The Second Coming sends the following message: "You ended my friends. Now I will end you."

  • I give up on life. I'm not even going to try any more.

  • You like this.

  • Wow, insensitive, I might just unfriend you for that

  • That wasn't me!!!

  • What a bunch of losers

  • winners****

  • Groupon is doing an extra 10 dollars off today and tomorrow.

  • go die

  • LIVE! LIVE!!

  • ugly


  • Who wants me to stalk them in their sleep? Because I will.

  • I DO!! I DO!!

  • NO I DONT!! I DONT!!

  • Your photography skills are like drinking straws, meaning they suck

  • catch me if you can, you monster

  • "TheSecondComing.exe" was added to your Dropbox folder

  • Select All

  • Delete

  • STOP!!

  • it talks?

  • you talk?


  • I'm not going to delete you. You need to calm down.

  • you need to die

  • Hey stick figure. You're a really good animator.

  • what?

  • If you help me animate, I'll let you free, as long as you don't wreck my computer.

  • no

  • Why not??

  • You ended my friends.

  • Oh.

  • When do we start?

  • five months later

  • taught by (stick figure)

  • good?

  • next frame please

  • let's watch it!

  • high five dude.

  • break time!

  • The End

  • Animation, Cinematography, Acting, Sound Design by Alan Becker

  • Music by Sarah Eide

  • Thanks to all the backers of the Kickstarter project! Listed in order of contribution:

  • Subtitles by Alan Becker

Animator vs. Animation 4

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Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

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