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Hey it's me Destin welcome back to Smarter Every Day.
So today we're in Peru. It's pretty awesome. We've assembled a team of people,
and we're gonna capture Machu Picchu in the highest resolution photo
that's ever been made of it. We're gonna let you see Machu Picchu cause lets face it,
it's pretty cost prohibitive to get here, so the majority of you probably won't make the trip.
The idea is to let you make the trip with me.
I'm Destin. You're getting Smarter Every Day. Check it out.
[music] (Destin) If we get it right there.
(Jeff) It's a GigaPan Epic Pro. And we're gonna level it out first.
Set this up right.
So a normal photo
takes a wide angle. What we're gonna do here is we're gonna take a lot of really tight angles.
[camera shutter]
So we're getting roughed up because the camera looks professional, so we have to show that we went through
all the proper channels and got a permit.
(Destin) [in Spanish] Does it work? - [in Spanish] Cultural Ministry.
(Destin) [in Spanish] Thank you.
That's why we've been planning this for months,
because of that dude right there. - Success, success.
I would have argued for so long, the picture would have been done. When I was done arguing.
[laugh] - This is Jeff's dream come true.
I just started coordinating with him and we started.. How would you say, what is
my role in this? I'm motivation basically?
- No, I just thought you're a cool dude and I thought you'd come down and enjoy taking a high res photo of Machu Picchu, honest to God.
- Sweet, that's awesome. Well thank you very much, this is great. - You got it.
[laughs] (Destin) Check this out.
This is a type of masonry called Ashlar, used by the Incas here at Machu Picchu.
They would basically polish all the stones so that they would fit together perfectly.
And what's cool about that is that if you have to support the weight of this stone on
this one, the more contact area that you have, the less stress there is
on the rocks. It's pretty cool. We do this with mortar,
usually, in today's construction.
[camera shutter]
(Destin) There you go man. - Wow. - The moment you've been waiting for.
[relieved sigh] [laugh]
So Jeff and I decided to hide in this panorama
somewhere, see if you can find us. Jeff's image ended up being awesome. If you want to see what you can find,
go check out the link in the description. Anyway, I'm Destin. Getting Smarter Every Day.
Please subscribe. Have a good one. We're gonna take the highest resolution photo
of Machu Pic... [heavy breathing] [laugh]
Can't breathe. Oh man. [laugh]
This is the wall that seems to be made with the most care. You can see it's very long,
very tall and very straight. And if you want to see that, I'll leave the link in
the video description and you can go click on it and explore the wall for yourself and see if you can figure out what they did.
This is Gordon. He's been doing the sound for Smarter Every Day for years. This is the first time we've
met, but it's in Peru, pretty crazy. - It's awesome. We're fitting you up with a binaural microphone.
Binaural microphones are stereo microphones that take into account
the fact that you have a head, which most stereo microphones do not.
If I have a sound coming in from the left there's a 500 microsecond delay before it gets to my other ear,
and they should be able to hear that? - They should be able to hear that as if it's surround sound, IF you put your
headphones on. - Oh ok, so go throw your headphones on, and we're gonna walk around
Machu Picchu.
[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] captionsbyandrew.wordpress.com
Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.
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Highest Resolution Machu Picchu Picture Ever Taken- Smarter Every Day 66

2651 Folder Collection
Furong Lai published on December 17, 2012
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