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introduction.. hello.. Ann here
let me tell you what we're eating today, first meal..
at the airport ..so where are we going an?
right now we're flying to Vancouver then we're going to Hong Kong
last year william and I (steven) went to Hong Kong but brendan didn't go
so hopefully this trip we'll relive the moments
of happiness
this trip have consists of Brendan
me and sandy
our flight is in one hour
our first flight.. to Vancouver
and connecting flight to you Hong Kong
you look like you're travelling so hardcore
dude i am.. i'm into travelling
yeah she's going to the bathroom I guess what this guys brendan is gonna
impulse buy from this vending machine with tons of technology
walk by all the time when we come to the airport but we never actually use it but this
we're going to buy something
he wants to be cool and buy from this
makes our iphone videos look amazing
it's BC tax
with BC tax it's 78.. i'm so sad right now i'm albertan
OH thank you
you just got scammed.. how do you feel
it was worth it.. cause now i..
An's back.. look what we just did..
(airport announcement)
alright guys.. here comes the
14 hour flight
show them all of our stations.. with tons of movies ready
headphones... charging
have a good 14 hour flight! I'm going to listen to the frozen soundtrack
inaudible baby (soon to cry on the flight)
which one do i want
check it out guys, watching beyblades
on the plane
beyblade everywhere
this is going to be a really fun planeride
guesssss what
one more hour
finally made it out
finally made it out
thirteen-hour plane ride
humidity here is crazy i'm like..
Steven's homeland.. like breathing in pure water right now
basically swimming
waiting for luggage
after waiting 10 years for luggage
we finally got here
now we gotta wait for a cab
the trunk..
this is our hotel room.. quite small actually
and the toilet is right there.. right beside the shower
finally in hong kong guys
so excited
made it into our first mall
so hot
air conditioning in this place is amazing
never taking AC for granted
so high tech
look at these peasants, they're just using a menu (real old school)
super fresh duck.. very nice
it's a fresh egg
special egg (raw).. he's just gonna drink it
our first night.. he's ordering mcdonalds
getting it delivered but what's funny is that
mcdonalds is across the street
playing big 2
90 minute wait!
are you serious.. we have to go to the lobby
we have to go downstairs and grab it.. and mcdonalds is right across the hotel
are we actually going to wait 90 minutes
yea it's 90 minute .. we going to wait 90 minutes?
reason why we wanted to do delivery is because we all showered and not want to leave
this is so stupid.. it's ok we don't have to leave the building
now we gotta be up for another hour and a half
how are we gonna grab it.. whoever loses at big2
kay good
actually brendan you're pretty much wearing normal clothing
so you can go.. we're all wearing normal clothes
i'm wearing pyjamas
i'm wearing slippers too.. same thing
actually all of you guys look pretty normal
actually why don't you go.. ok fine i will
you go and i'll record
we're making our way down to the lobby and get our mcdonalds
took them over like an hour.. over an hour
but.. we'll show you guys where the mcdonalds is
it's 3 a.m. 315
and we're suppose to wake up super early .. to go out
check out our shoes
thank you
mcdonalds is right across the street
yup one hour (for delivery)
can't get this in canada
let's see how fresh the fries are
are they canadian fries.. taste like deliveries
you know when they deliver and the food is like semi hot
taste so much better that we don't have to walk
worth one hour?
so worth it
we could've walked there bought it ate it .. the thing is they took 2 hours to come here
so I think the delivery people aren't actually involved with the other store
so it came from somewhere else.. and the food is kinda cold
the bigmac taste different
the beef doesn't taste like.. william always talk about the buns being good
look how delicous it is
mcdonalds make me wanna gag
it's a comfort food okay and we have chicken wing ok
we have chicken wings at mcdonalds
so stop hating
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Long flights, Jet-lag, & McDonalds Delivery! - Adventure to Hong Kong Day 0

1592 Folder Collection
Chamber published on October 13, 2014
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