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  • Hey, Walty. I’m now here with Apollos Hester white receiver for the Patriots.

  • You guys have a one of a pack game tonight.

  • Ahhow did it go? I mean it’s going a little back and forth. You guys knew it was going to be a tough douglas fight out there and it was.

  • So what were you guys are able to do to come back and win this thing?

  • Wellat first, we started slow. We start it real slow. And you knowthat’s alright. That’s okay.

  • Because sometimes in life, we gonna start slow. That’s okay.

  • We told ourselveshey! Were going to start slow. We gonna keep going fast.

  • We gonna start slow but we always always gonna finish fast.

  • No matter what the scores was, we gonna finish ourwe gonna finish fast.

  • Yeathey had the first half. I’m not gonna lie. They had us.

  • We weren’t defeated but they had us.

  • But it took guts, it took attitude. That’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to be successful than attitude.

  • And that’s what our coaches had tell us.

  • He saidhey! It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be hard.

  • You gotta go out there. You gotta bow. You gotta fight. You are going to do it one for another.

  • Do it for each other. Do it for yourselves. You gonna do it for us. And you gonna go up this win.

  • And we believe that. We truly did.

  • And it’s an awesome feeling. It’s an awesome feeling.

  • When you truly believe that youre going to be successful, regardless of the situations, regardless of the scoreboard, you are going to be successful.

  • Because you put it all the time, all the effort, all the hard works and you know that’s going to pay off.

  • And if it doesn’t pay off, you continue to get other glory.

  • If you still lose the game, you continue to give each other’s back.

  • And that’s what we realize, regardless of win or lose, we realize that we are gonna be alright.

  • And it’s gonna be okay, we gonna keep smile.

  • It’s awesome. Awesome!

  • This guy is always gonna smile his face. Talk about attitude. This guy got attitude, if you guys can tell.

  • We met earlier this week and this was the enthusiasm I saw.

  • Yes madam. You can do anything you put in your mind.

  • You can never give upon your dream. Keep smiling. No matter what you are going to.

  • If you fall down, just get up. If you can’t get up, your friends are there to help you. Your mom is there, your dad is there, God’s there.

  • And I’m there to help you up. Youre alright. It’s gonna be alright. Keep smiling.

  • Men, along with all the football highlights, you guys has gotten tonight and some motivation speaking Apollos Hester made.

  • Great game tonight buddy. Sohappy for you guys.

  • This guy with one touch shot in all other sess coming out here.

  • For the Patriots. Well send it back to you.

  • Wow! Alright a couple of comment that come to my mind immediately

  • Number one is that’s the interview of all the fame. That was incredible.

  • Please add that guy on every single week. We could put him on every show.

  • The second thing that comes to mind is… I don’t know about you but I’m ready to run for the… I mean he pump me up.

  • If he doesn’t make it a football player, he should be an inspirational speaker.

  • That’s incredible.

Hey, Walty. I’m now here with Apollos Hester white receiver for the Patriots.

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