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  • How many times has this happened to you? You are sitting around, bored to death, somewhere

  • you really don’t want to be, be it either work, a doctor’s office, a waiting room,

  • or worse yet your mother-in-law’s house, and thought to yourself, “I really wish

  • I could be playing Metal Gear Solid right now but I don’t have my PSP or Playstation

  • Vita.” Well, if you are like me, you wish you were playing Metal Gear Solid all the

  • time. Too bad you have to constantly remember to bring those cumbersome handheld systems.

  • Well, you are in luck, for Metal Gear Solid is actually right in your pocket, if you have

  • an iPhone, with Metal Gear Solid Touch. This game faithfully recreates the entirety of

  • Metal Gear Solid 4, but in a more portable and accessible form.

  • Just like in MGS4, you play as Solid Snake, now known as Old Snake. And you have to stop

  • Liquid Ocelot from taking over and bringing down society. The game does make a radical

  • change in terms of gameplay. You know how intense it was, sneaking past enemies, hoping

  • your camo index is high enough that the enemies don’t notice you. Well, there isn’t any

  • of that here. Instead, the game has been completely streamlined to work with the iPhone.

  • Snake will always be under cover. It is not until you place your finger on the screen

  • will he pop up ready to shoot. You place your finger, and then slide it to the enemies.

  • The badguys will pop out and have a countdown until they fire, giving you time to aim and

  • shoot, all done with a tap. If the enemies are too far away, you can switch to the SVD

  • Sniper Rifle. The gameplay is very quick and responsive, both key elements for making a

  • game as addicting as this. You will find yourself replaying missions over and over, just trying

  • to earn a better rank. Your rank depends on your speed and precision, so you will want

  • to learn.

  • You will also want to play more to learn more about the story. Even though I’ve beaten

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 probably around 14 times now, I’m still interested in seeing the

  • story unfold. And now, it is in little bite sized pieces of text that take only a couple

  • seconds to read. The entire game is here, with the boss battles, the levels and all

  • the encounters, so it feels like just another way of playing the same great game.

  • Metal Gear Solid Touch does something truly amazing. It takes a series known for a particular

  • gameplay style, removes it and make it a simple shooter, but remains the same greatness. It

  • is highly addictive and fun, allowing Snake to always be right by you.

How many times has this happened to you? You are sitting around, bored to death, somewhere

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CGR Undertow - METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH review for iPhone

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/11
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