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I love this freaking series, alright? There’s the disclaimer. In fact, you should watch
our review of the Wii U version to see just how much I love this freaking series. I even
did a musical number. But here’s the thing...I’m also honest. And it’s hugely disappointing
to see Epic Mickey 2 not address the problems that held back the original.
Like its predecessor, it’s stunning in concept, flawed in execution.
But of course, there’s a difference this time around. Unlike the original, there are
two versions of Epic Mickey 2. You have the HD version, which we’ve reviewed...and you
also have the Wii version. Now, they’re obviously the same core game, but there are
two important things to note about this version...a pair of observations that seem to echo from
a distant past, a time the ancients referred to as “2009.”
It’s not as pretty on Wii, but holy crap, does it play better!
Let’s be honest. The Wii version is probably the last version of this game you were thinking
about buying, right? After all, one of the highlights of the prior game was its fantastic
art. So obviously, you want the sequel in HD. But therein lies the decision. Which is
more important to you? The sharp look of high definition, or the superior control of that
magical little remote?
Of course, it’s on the developers that you can’t have both. It’s inexcusable that
the Wii U version doesn’t support the Wii Remote, because playing Epic Mickey 2 on the
Wii, you’re reminded that...the entire basis for these games was the Wii Remote, and high
definition be damned, that’s where they’re still at their best.
In case you missed our review of the HD version, the story picks up soon after the events of
the original. Mickey Mouse has just saved Wasteland, this Tim Burton-like world of forgotten
Disney characters, but his new friends are once again in trouble. Mickey returns with
paintbrush in hand to a familiar world and a new threat.
As with the original, that paintbrush steals the show in Epic Mickey 2. At least, that’s
the case with this version. In the HD games—Wii U included—you control the brush with analog
sticks. But going back to the Wii Remote’s pointer...it’s almost magical, to keep with
the game’s themes. Painting and thinning is faster and better on Wii.
Of course, the drawback is that...the Wii version just can’t match what the others
offer visually. This is a very good-looking Wii game, but it’s still a far cry from
the sharp look you get on the HD consoles. And again, that’s what makes this game feel
like such a throwback to the last generation. That argument of gameplay versus graphics.
It’s being totally re-litigated with Epic Mickey 2.
Epic Mickey 2 is the rarest kind of game. Its art is inspirational. Its sheer character
appeal is on a level few if any could even fathom. And its brilliance is in how it places
the familiar—these icons that have shaped our culture for nearly a century—into the
unfamiliar...cold, mechanical places that contrast everything we know about them.
This game is conceptually brilliant.
But that doesn’t save bad cameras, AI, physics...if you allow yourself to enjoy the experience
and see beyond the flaws, Epic Mickey 2 is magical. And it plays like a dream with the
Wii Remote. But then again, if you throw your controller in rage as Oswald refuses to help
you for the 18th time...well, I’d understand that, too.
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CGR Undertow - DISNEY EPIC MICKEY 2: THE POWER OF TWO review for Nintendo Wii

1755 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 11, 2013
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